Materialistic Princess Spoilers, Characters And Reviews

Materialistic Princess Spoilers

Are you a Korean novel fan and want suggestions on what to read next, then you have come to the right place. The new comic is gaining popularity on the internet due to its unique story and interesting characters–Materialistic Princess.

It’s about a poor girl who is incarnated inside a novel as a princess. This fantasy-based story has many twists, and guess what? It also has a love story which is different from any other manhwa. 

In this blog, we will give you some spoilers for the “Materialistic Princess” novel and also tell you about its character, theme, and fans’ reactions.

Overview of Materialistic Princess Novel

Overview of Materialistic Princess Novel

Materialistic Princess is a Korean manhwa based on a novel by Yirim Han. He is also famous for his previous book, “The villainess is a Marionette.” The storyline of this manhwa is a blend of Drama, Fantasy, Full Color, Romance, Royal family, and Slice of Life. 

The original book has three volumes that were published in 2019. However, the translated manhwa on websites only has 37 chapters as of now. You can read it on several free platforms, such as Zinmanga and Vvy Manga.

Synopsis of Materialistic Princess 

Synopsis of Materialistic Princess 

In “Materialistic Princess,” you can follow the story of Roselia Kanep, who wakes up one day finding herself transformed from a struggling college student into Princess Roselia Kanep from the novel “A Sculpture of Emotion.” The twist? She discovers she belongs to a poor noble family that has squandered their wealth under her brother’s rule. 

To change her fate, Roselia decides to utilize the novel’s content to approach Anoch, the crown prince cursed by a witch. Claiming to be an expert in emotions, Roselia offers to help Anoch, setting off a series of events that deviate from the original plot.

Important Characters 

Character design plays an important role in comics to relate with the readers. “Materialistic Princess” has two male leads and two female leads who have important roles in the story’s development. Here is their introduction:

Roselia Kanep

The princess of the Kanep house with beautiful turquoise eyes and lavender hair that resembles the elves. In “A Sculpture of Emotion,” she is a character who always thinks about others. However, when our protagonist incarnated as Roselia, she became a selfish girl.

Reiji Kanep

Reiji Kanep, the younger brother of Roselia, truly adores her and plans surprises for her. His facial features are quite similar to her sister’s. Despite their physical similarities, Reiji Kanep has a distinct personality that sets him apart from his sister Roselia. He can also communicate with spirits, which is a rare power.

Anoch Asher

The cursed crown prince of the Eradam Empire has golden hair and light blue eyes. He can never show his emotions to anyone. Even he didn’t cry after his birth because the curse destroyed his soul.


The Princess of Enes family and another main lead of the novel. Serena has loose red hair with sweet Amber eyes. She has a pure heart and loves to help others.

Materialistic Princess Spoilers–Chapter 1

Car Accident:

The main spoiler of “Materialistic Princess” is at the beginning of chapter one. It shows our protagonist in her previous life when she was walking on the road and watching a poster of celebrities. She thought about her poor life and financial issues, and then suddenly, she got hit by a car. 

A Sculpture of Emotion:

The protagonist of “Materialistic Princess” wakes up in a world where two moons coexist, Asnath and Zen. She found herself inside a novel, transmigrated into Roselia Kanep. The Kanep family was the richest among all, but now their daughter is among the poorest ladies of the empire.

Eradam Empire:

The third section of chapter one shares the story of Frick Asher, who was the current emperor of the Eradam Empire. He was a greedy man for more territory; that’s why he married several princesses of other countries for their land. Frick marries another princess (Sabrina), who is a witch in reality. She killed Frick’s pregnant empress and cursed the baby.

Materialistic Princess Spoilers–Chapter 4

Jane Enes:

The story of “Materialistic Princess” proceeds with the introduction of Janes Enes. She is Serena’s old childhood friend who is the daughter of countess. Roselia meets her to reach Serena for some personal reasons. She wants to go to their beach, but a guest has already booked the beach. So, she stayed in the mansion for a night.

Soul Fragment:

The main motive of our protagonist is to get the soul fragment before Serena. As she already read the novel in her real life she knows the whole story. Therefore, getting the soul fragment is extremely important to her in order to gain the attention of the crown prince. Roselia managed to take the blue jewel by tricking Serena.

Materialistic Princess Spoilers–Chapter 24

Dwarf Forest:

The spoiler of chapter 24 of “Materialistic Princess” will give you goosebumps. This section revolves around Rose’s struggle after she got loss in the Dwarf forest. In this manhwa, it is considered as a deadly forest, and no one has ever been found after entering it.

Rescue of Brother:

After a lot of struggles in the jungle, Roselia starts to lose hope, but she motivates herself to stay alive. She remembers the words of her brother Reiji Kanep about this forest. Eventually, two wolf spirits appear which are friends to Reiji. It means that her brother rescues her.

Themes In Materialistic Princess

Materialistic Princess explores several themes that add depth to its narrative. One prominent theme is the transformative power of second chances. The protagonist, Roselia Kanep, wakes up in a new life, offering her an opportunity to reshape her destiny. This theme is seen as Roselia navigates the challenges presented in her altered reality.

Another significant theme is the impact of socioeconomic status on one’s life. Roselia’s shift from a struggling college student to a princess in a declining noble family prompts reflections on wealth, privilege, and their influence on personal experiences.

Symbolism In Materialistic Princess

The manhwa utilizes symbolism to enhance its storytelling. The two moons, Asnath and Zen, symbolize duality and the coexistence of contrasting elements in the story. As Roselia watches this celestial phenomenon, it reflects the dual nature of her existence.

The curse affecting Anoch, the crown prince, becomes a symbolic representation of emotional suppression. Unable to express his feelings due to the curse, Anoch’s character serves as a metaphor for the struggles associated with emotional confinement.

The Beautiful Art in “Materialistic Princess”

In the story of “Materialistic Princess,” the pictures are eye-catching, which attracts the readers even more. Here are some things that impressed me as a fan:

Pretty Elvish Houses and Palaces:

The drawings of the houses and palaces in the comic are so detailed and special. They look like they’re from the elf world with lots of beautiful touches. The designs are full of curves and nature-inspired beauty, making you feel like you’re in a place where everything has a story.

Lovely Characters Appearances:

The characters are like beautiful paintings. Princess Roselia Kanep, Anoch Asher, and even the supporting characters have beautiful features. Every character is like a work of art, showing not just how they look but also who they are. Looking at the pictures makes the story even more enjoyable.

Fans’ Reaction To “Materialistic Princess” 

If you are curious about how the fans feel about this novel, then here are some facts for you:

Websites Ratings:

The Materialistic Princess Manhwa is ranked on almost every manga reading website. Thousands of people are reading it worldwide on various online platforms. It has more than a 9-star rating everywhere, and fans are requesting these sites to publish the next chapters.

Fans Forums:

Many readers have created a fan forum on several platforms, including YouTube, Twitter and Reddit. You can watch short videos of manhwa images on YouTube. Apart from that, Reddit has many discussion groups where you can share your thoughts with like-minded people about Materalistic Princess.

What Is The Role of Spoilers In “Materialistic Princess”?

For some readers, spoilers provide a sneak peek into the story’s exciting twists and turns, building anticipation and curiosity. It allows them to prepare emotionally for impactful moments and connect more deeply with the characters.

On the other hand, spoilers may rob readers of the genuine surprise and suspense intended by the creators. Experiencing the plot organically can enhance the emotional impact of revelations. It’s a delicate balance between the thrill of anticipation and preserving the magic of storytelling.

So, If you love to read manga spoilers, you should never share them with other people because most fans do not want to know a single thing about the story before reading. It is our responsibility to respect other fans’ perspectives about reading spoilers.

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