Camilo Madrigal (Overview)

Camilo Madrigal

Camilo Madrigal is an animated character who played the supporting character in 2021 Disney’s feature film Encanto. Camilo Madrigal is the first son of Felix Madrigal and Pepa Madrigal. He has an older sister named Dolores and a younger brother named Antonio.

Encanto is an animated movie about the Madrigal family. They live in a hidden place between the mountains of Columbia in a town called Encanto. Encanto is a magical place where each child of the family has a magical gift, like some kind of superpower, except for Camilo Madrigal’s cousin, Mirabel.


Camilo Madrigal is a teenager, and like most teenagers, he hasn’t yet figured himself out. He is at an age where he is experiencing lots of things and gradually learning from them. He has a magical ability to shape-shifting.

Camilo Madrigal’s voice actor name is Rhenzy Feliz. According to him, Camilo Madrigal is a little out of his mind, dramatic and fun to be around. Like many people of his age, he is full of energy and likes to entertain other people. That’s why he is also known as the “theatre kid.” He is the kind of character who likes to make everybody smile and have a great time with them. Camilo Madrigal’s voice actor appreciates the fact that he played the part of such a fun and likeable character.

Physical Appearance of Camilo Madrigal

Camilo Madrigal is a teenager with golden skin and black, long curly hair. He has big brown eyes with freckles on his nose and cheeks. His fans are often wondering how old is Camilo Madrigal. His age is 15 years old. Camilo Madrigal’s birthday is on the 28th of December. He wears a white long sleeves shirt with buttons on the front with black high waisted pants. His shoes are black with some white detailing on them. His sleeves are usually rolled up. On top of his shirt, he wears a yellow striped ruana. His ruana has chameleon motives on it, which represents his shape-shifting powers. For the information of fans who are wondering that how tall is Camilo Madrigal.  Camilo Madrigal’s height is five feet and six inches.

His fans are obsessed with his appearance, and some talented fans have even drawn his several pictures and uploaded them on the internet. Camilo Madrigal fanart is all over the social media sites like TikTok, FaceBook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Personality of Camilo Madrigal

Camilo Madrigal is a golden-hearted by with a funny personality. He would make people laugh with his jokes, and sometimes he does like to prank others, like in the scene where he sang the song “we don’t talk about Bruno” and when he tried to make Antonio. However, his pranks are as harmless as he himself is. He uses his superpowers for good.

Camilo Madrigal is energetic and an extrovert, unlike his introverted brother and sister. He has a charismatic personality and a good relationship with the people of his town. He likes to stay in the spotlight by exaggerating certain rumours and making dramatic movements. He also likes to eat, and for this reason, he would shape-shift into her older sister Dolores and make larger plates for himself.

Altogether he is a smart boy who likes to keep an eye on what other people often ignore. For example, he made remarks about the fact that his family had no home after the destruction of Casita. The kind-hearted side of his personality can also be seen in the scene when he tries to calm down his mother and calls her “Mami.” He also gave her a cup of tea. Just like everyone in his family, he cares a lot about his family members and Casita.

Camilo is my favorite Madrigal for 5 minutes straight by AnitaMorís

Powers and Abilities of Camilo Madrigal

Camilo Madrigal can shapeshift into any living person he has ever seen. When he changes his shape into the shape of any other person, his clothes also change to match the clothes of other person. Camilo Madrigal has grown to use his ability and seems to be an expert in shape-shifting. He doesn’t have to change the shape of his whole body when he shape-shifts; instead, he can alter only certain parts of his body.

However, he is a young boy and cannot control his super powers under stress, pain and shock. In the scene when he was sacred with Bruno’s vision, he involuntarily shape-shifted into Bruno and Mirabel, and his face became lopsided with bulging eyes, and eyeballs started to face away from each other. When Camilo Madrigal is frightened or nervous, his face will turn into the face of an infant, and his arms become lean and short like that of a child.

His shape-shifting powers are only limited to turning into the shape of other humans. He cannot shape-shift into objects and animals. Shape-shifting into his family members would not give him their magical gifts. He can only acquire their physical appearance and cannot mimic their magical abilities. In the scene where Camilo Madrigal shape-shifted into his uncle Bruno, he was able to mimic Bruno’s glowing green eyes. Bruno’s green eyes begin to glow when he uses his superpower and looks into the future. In the scene, Camilo Madrigal is able to copy his uncle’s eyes, but he can’t look into the future like his uncle. In the same way, if Camilo Madrigal had turned into her cousin Luisa, he would not have had Luisa’s superhuman strength.

Camilo Madrigal’s Room

On the night when Madrigal’s family members got their superpowers, they also got their rooms. The rooms are like representatives of their superpowers. Still, somehow they were never shown in the movie except for the scene when Mirabel was trying to save Casita, and she visited the rooms of Bruno, Antonio and Isabell. Camilo Madrigal’s room is shown in Encanto. But according to Camilo Madrigal x reader on tumbler, fans have lots of speculations about how Camilo Madrigal’s room would look like.

One fan of “Camilo Madrigal x reader lemon” stories makes an assumption that his room would be full of mirrors so he can practice his shape-shifting ability as much as he likes. It would be like an auditorium because Camilo Madrigal himself has a theatrical personality.

Camilo Madrigal’s relationship with Other Characters

Camilo Madrigal is very close with her mother, Pepa Madrigal. He is very affectionate with her, unlike his father, whom he often teases.

He likes to tease his father because his father is the one who always tries to cut in with his pranks. In Antonio’s gift ceremony scene, he also pranked his father when he turned himself into Felix and started mimicking him.

Dolores Madrigali is six years older than Camilo Madrigal, and both are on good terms with each other. In the scene where Antonio got his gift, they both looked happy for her younger brother.

Camilo Madrigal is very close to his younger brother Antonio. He is caring and protective towards his brother and never makes fun of her as he did with everyone else. In the scene where the house was shaking and the candle went out, his first instinct was about how his younger brother was feeling.

He was also very protective and gentle towards her nine weeks younger cousin Mirabel. Although he teases her from time to time, he also cares for her. He would always look for her whenever she disappeared.

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