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The term anime is referred to describe Japanese comics. Initially, these comics were only in the form of books, but now, movie and series adaptations of these comics are also popular among anime fans. The main feature of Japanese comic characters that distinguishes them from others is the large doe-like eyes of comic characters.

Many websites are available on the internet for anime fans, providing online streaming of anime movies and series. Viewers can also download their favorite anime movies or dramas from several websites.

One such website is 123Anime.go which has a great user interface, an extensive anime collection, HD streaming, and a download option. This article will gather all details about 123Animes, its legality, safety, use, and alternatives.

Highlights of 123Anime.go

123Animes has a vast collection of anime movies and seasons. All content is available with complete English subtitles and dubbed in different languages. Viewers can select if they want to watch a movie or season in the original language or want to watch the dubbed version in the language of their choice.

You can select the option from the menu provided on the website’s home page. This menu contains options like Japanese Anime, Chinese Anime, subbed Anime and dubbed Anime. Although, many paid streaming services also provide such an extensive range of Anime with different languages and subtitles options.

But nobody can say no to free stuff. Watch your favourite anime movie and seasons without paying a penny at 123Animes. The website only requires you to have a stable internet connection. You can either watch it online or download it for later.

A free download is also an option for anime fans to download movies or seasons on their mobile or laptop later when they do not have internet. The anime collection is organized into various categories concerning their genres like horror, comedy, drama, romance, thriller and more.

But if you want to watch any specific movie, you can browse it by writing its name in the search bar. The search bar is in the middle of the website’s main page.

How to download Anime from 123Anime?

123Anime gives you the option of downloading amine from their website. This feature is helpful if you do not always have an internet connection. You’ll still be able to enjoy downloaded anime movies or series. The following are steps on how you can download anime from 123Anime.

  • Go to the official website of 123Anime.go and download the current version of Riptiger APK.
  • Download and install the 123Anime APK on your android or iOS mobile.
  • Open the app and enjoy reading or downloading anime.

Popularity of 123Anime

123Animes gives premium services to its customers without asking them for anything in return. But it is not the only reason for the popularity of 123Animes among anime lovers. You should also give 123Anime.go a try based on its following attributes.

● The anime content on 123Animes is continuously updated. Any movie or series episode is updated as soon as it is released. Its users don’t have to wait for the new season of their favourite series to become available on the website so they can watch it.

● The resolution qualities in which you can watch or download Anime are 480p, 720p and 1080p.

● The mobile application of 123Animes is also available for android users. They can download the app and enjoys 123Animes content on their mobile.

● If the Anime you would like to watch is not in your native language, you can use subtitles in your preferred language or watch the movie’s dubbed version.

Is 123Anime.go Safe?

ScamAdviser is a popular website that collects user ratings of various streaming websites for the sake of viewers. Its evaluation is based on more than 40 different data sources.

These data sources include the country of website’s origin, and reviews of the website users. The websites with more than 80% score are safe to use. 123Anime has positive ratings from ScamAdviser, which means it will not cause any harm to your device.

However, it is advised that you should do your research to be on the safe side. You should be extra careful, especially for those websites that require your data like name, e-mail or mobile number.

User Experience of 123Animes

123Anime.go provides an excellent user experience because of its high speed and great-quality streaming. Moreover, you can choose from multiple servers. Not all online Anime streaming websites can give you these benefits.

Additionally, the website is easy to use, and the search process for what you want to watch is straightforward. You can select a movie or series from the list of genres or write the name of the movie or series you want to watch in the search bar and browse.

How to Download 123Animes App?

The following are some steps to download the mobile application of 123Animes.

●  Go to the 123Anime official website.

●  Look for the latest version of the 123Anime app.

●  Download the APK file on your mobile and install it.

●  Use the instruction provided by the app to install the 123Animes APK file.

●  After the app is installed, launch it on your mobile.

●  Enjoy online anime streaming.

You must connect your mobile to an internet source to watch movies or seasons on the app.

How many types of Anime are available on 123Animes?

123Anime.go has a wide range of anime categories for people with different preferences. Some categories are drama, demons, martial arts, dementia, parody, school, Josie, yaoi, yuri, a slice of life and others.

Just like people who like movies have different preferences, e.g. some want to watch horror and some like romance, Anime lovers also have preferences about which type of anime movie or series they would like to watch.

Proxy Sites of 123Anime

If you are having trouble accessing 123Animes in your area, you can try the following proxy sites.








Other websites like 123Anime

Some alternatives of 123Animes are as follows.


As far as the alternatives of 123Anime are concerned, KissAnime is the strongest candidate. It has a separate version for mobile devices, designed specifically for touch screens that require less bandwidth.

Anime Planet

Anime Planet offers relatively less variety of manga and anime movies and series because, unlike 123Anime and its several alternatives, you can only read legal and copy-righted content on its website. Currently, it has more than 45,000 anime episodes for free streaming on its website


Almost 25,000 anime episodes are uploaded hourly on Crunchyroll, making its anime and manga collection endless for the viewers. Viewers can select what they wish to watch from its alphabetically arranged anime collection.

Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven is another excellent alternative to 123Anime, where you can watch several genres of anime without registration. The option of dubbed anime is also available. You can choose from a separate list of dubbed anime or arch in the search bar.

Other 123Anime alternatives are given below, providing similar outstanding services as 123Anime.

●  Anime Kaizoku

●  AnimeOut

●  Animedao

●  AnimeFreak

●  9Anime

●  AnimeHeros

●  Masterani

●  GoGoAnime

●  Animelab

●  OtakuStream

● Anilinkz

●  AnimeUltima

●  Because.moe

●  Hulu

●  Animenova

●  ChauThanh.Info

●  WatchAnimeMovie

●  Tokyo Insider

●  AnimePill

●  Anime Chiby

●  Nyaa Sukebei

●  Subdesu

●  AnimeSeason

●  Chia-Anime

●  Cartoon Crazy

●  Soul-Anime

●  Funimation

●  Netflix

●  DubbedAnime

●  AnimeStreams

●  NarutoGet

●  JustDubs

● Random Anime


If you are someone who enjoys watching Anime, 123Animes is ideal for you. It provides endless Anime streaming with incredible video and sound quality. In its vast archive of anime movies and seasons, you’ll indeed find something that you will like.

Next time you are in the mood to browse what Anime you should watch, give 123Anime a try.

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