Why Was Aaron Wohl MD Arrested? Know Everything

Why Was Aaron Wohl MD Arrested

Fort Myers, Florida, got a big shock on April 24, 2023, when people found out that Dr. Aaron Wohl, a well-respected doctor known for helping with drug problems, got arrested. 

Everyone respects him, and now everyone feels surprised and confused: patients, his work friends, and all the other doctors. The serious charges against him, like kidnapping and hurting a lady, have made everyone think about him differently. 

If you want to know why he got arrested, just keep reading this article till the end. It talks about different parts of his arrest, what is happening in the legal process, and how it affects the public.

Who is Dr Aaron Wohl?

Who is Dr Aaron Wohl

Dr. Aaron Wohl, who is 48 years old, is well-respected in Fort Myers for helping people with addiction and overall health. He has worked in emergency medicine for 22 years and is on the Elite DNA Behavioral Health team.

He also works as a doctor for the Veterans Administration in the United States. Dr. Wohl began his learning journey at the University of Florida College of Medicine, where he did well and graduated with honors in 2001. He also supports those who served in the military.

Starting his education at the University of Florida, Dr. Wohl learned a lot and worked hard to become skilled in emergency medicine and assisting people with addiction problems. In addition to his role at Elite DNA Therapy, he is a Staff Emergency Physician at the U.S. 

Department of Veterans Affairs, an Addiction/Mental Health Provider at Elite DNA Therapy, holds the position of Vice President for the Florida College of Emergency Physicians. He also contributes part-time as a faculty at the University of Central Florida.

Why Was Aaron Wohl Arrested?

Who is Dr Aaron Wohl

Dr. Aaron Wohl was arrested at the Elite DNA Behavioral Health offices in Cape Coral. The police say there was an argument that turned into a fight, and Dr Wohl is accused of trying to keep a lady there against her will. 

He asked for her PIN and took away her phone. If he is found guilty of the kidnapping charge, he could face a life sentence. This is a very serious matter, and it is making everyone think about what happened and what it means for Dr. Wohl’s life and work. We might learn more about what happened and why as the legal proceedings continue.

Allegations of Financial Misconduct on Him

The things happening at Elite DNA Behavioral Health are getting more complicated because they found out about allegations of financial misconduct against Dr. Aaron Wohl. 

We are not sure about all the details, but there might have been a tricky plan involving wrong billing, charging too much money, and making fake records of Dr. Wohl’s medical work.

These money issues are very serious, and they got the attention of different groups like the FBI, DEA, and the Florida Department of Health. They are working together to check the details of how money was managed at Elite DNA Behavioral Health. 

As the investigation keeps going, we might learn more about these money problems and how they connect to the story of why Dr. Wohl got arrested. Everyone is waiting to find out more about what happened.

Even though Dr. Wohl is facing serious charges, he is saying he disagrees with what he is accused of doing. He hired a lawyer to help him in court. The legal fight that is happening might take a long time and could affect not only Dr. Wohl but also the medical community and the local court system.

What was the Impact on the Medical Community and Society?

The news about Dr. Wohl getting arrested is all over social media, news, and people’s everyday talks, causing a lot of discussions and debates. People are expressing how frustrated and confused they feel about what happened. 

Patients who used to see Dr. Wohl as a caring and trustworthy doctor now feel shocked and unsure. This situation has divided the medical community, and now people are discussing the rules doctors need to follow and how much they should be responsible for their actions.

People wonder if they can still trust their doctors and if patients are always safe. The incident makes everyone think a lot about how important it is for doctors always to follow strict rules and for patients to feel safe and sure about their healthcare.

What are Dr. Aaron Wohl’s skills?

Dr Aaron Wohl has a wide range of skills that show how dedicated he is to different areas:

  • For 22 years, Dr. Wohl has been really good at emergency medicine. He is great at giving important care and quick help in medical emergencies.
  • Dr. Wohl specializes in supporting people dealing with addiction and issues related to opioid use. He understands these problems well and helps people overcome them.
  • Dr. Wohl actively participates in activities that improve public health and advocate for better healthcare policies. He really cares about making things better for communities.
  • Dr. Wohl is skilled at using plans to manage sepsis. This helps in making sure that the harm and risk of death from sepsis are reduced. 
  • Apart from medicine, Dr. Wohl is also an experienced pilot. He has flown planes for 27 years and has spent 1600 hours in the air. 

Aaron Wohl’s Experience in Healthcare

Dr. Aaron Wohl has a wealth of experience in helping people with their health, especially in dealing with addiction and emergencies. He used to work as an Addictionologist at Elite DNA Therapy Services in Fort Myers, Florida, starting in October 2021, before a recent incident.

Alongside his work at Elite DNA Therapy, Dr. Wohl is a dedicated Full-time Staff Emergency Physician at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in Orlando, Florida. He has been in this role since December 2020, showing his commitment to providing emergency medical care, particularly to veterans.

Dr. Wohl has been part of the Board of Directors for the Florida College of Emergency Physicians (FCEP) for over seven years. This involvement highlights his dedication to improving how emergency medicine is done and supporting other medical professionals in their growth.

Previously, he served as the Medical Director for the Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Program at Lee Health Systems from March 2019 to May 2020. In that role, he played a crucial part in making sure people with opioid use disorder got the proper care.

Dr. Wohl has a long career, including 15 years as a Staff Physician with Lee Emergency Physicians in Fort Myers, Florida. Before that, he was a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Florida, College of Medicine.

Overall, Dr. Aaron Wohl has a lot of experience in different areas of healthcare, especially in emergency medicine and addiction treatment. His career shows a strong commitment to helping people and improving healthcare. You can check his LinkedIn profile if you want to know more about his experiences before the recent incident.


Dr. Aaron Wohl’s arrest has surprised and confused people in Fort Myers, Florida. He was a respected doctor known for helping with drug problems, but now everyone is unsure about what happened. 

Dr. Wohl has been working in emergency medicine and helping people with addiction for a long time. He started learning at the University of Florida, did well, and graduated in 2001. But now, his career is facing a big challenge because of the incident at Elite DNA Behavioral Health.

The legal fight will be long and might not only affect Dr. Wohl but also impact the medical community and the local court system.

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