What Is Zoro.to? Watch Free Anime Movies (Full Review)

What Is Zoro.to free anime movies watch online

Zoro.to is a fantastic anime streaming site that is free to use. The users can access the content of thousands of subbed and dubbed anime shows. You will also get the latest content free of cost.  Zoro.to comes up with a variety of excellent features, such as great customer service, fast updates, ultra HD quality, and great streaming capabilities.

The good thing about the site is that the site is ad-free and is also a safe site to watch free anime online.

What is Zoro.to?

Watch anime for free on Zoro.to. You can watch anime in HD without registering or paying. As a free anime site, no ads of any kind are allowed, and we strive to make it the safest site on the Internet.

Pros of Zoro.to:

  • Anyone interested in anime can watch it on Zoro without paying a monthly fee.
  • You can find the episode you’re looking for quickly on the site because it provides detailed information about each show’s episode.
  • You can watch anime online or download episodes on the site to your computer or mobile device.
  • With Zoro.to, you can choose from a wide selection of anime, including new and popular shows.
  • It’s an excellent choice for first-time anime watchers since it’s easy to use and navigate.

Cons of Zoro.to:

  • There is no doubt that Zoro.to is the best website for watching anime online, but there are some disadvantages.
  • Zoro isn’t available in all countries, which is the first disadvantage. The site can’t be accessed by people living in countries where it isn’t available.

Free anime streaming site Zoro.to

According to Google, anime-related topics are searched over 1 Billion times monthly. No wonder free anime streaming sites are rising due to anime’s popularity worldwide.

There are no anime streaming sites created; some are better than others, so we decided to create Zoro.to to be the best anime streaming site for all anime fans.

Is Zoro.to Safe?

Zoro.to, as mentioned above, is a safe place to stream anime. There are no ads on the site, so you are not at risk of being attacked by hackers with malicious software. If you click on an unwanted ad, your device could be infected with spyware, viruses, trojans, or other types of malware. Because Zoro.to is ad-free, you are 100% safe from malware.

Additionally, Zoro does not require registration, so no private information must be revealed. In the absence of information sharing, there is no information loss. The Internet follows this basic rule.

Is Zoro.to Legal?

The site does not have any official license to broadcast anime found on the website, so it can be said to be illegal. There is a separate page on the site for DMCA complaints, which would be unnecessary if they had a streaming license.

What Makes Zoro the Best Site for Watching Free Anime Online?

This is not an exaggeration. Let’s take a closer look at why Zoro.to is our favorite or best site to watch free anime online without ads.

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Maintaining safety

The site is completely ad-free, so there are no viruses or malware on Zoro. Malicious computer programs can’t infect a computer when there are no ads. Furthermore, you don’t have to share your private information on the site, ensuring your identity is protected.

Development and Research

In their own words, the Zoro team conducted extensive research before creating Zoro.to. The team explored all the best anime sites and learned from their mistakes. By keeping the good things and eliminating the bad things, they created a site that provides us with the best overall experience.


To enhance your viewing experience, all titles are presented in the highest possible resolution, specifically 1080p. For those with weak Internet connections, the site’s quality setting function can be used to adjust the image quality. If your Internet is stable, you can watch anime in 360p or even 1080p if your Internet isn’t working.

User interface

Regardless of your age or level of Internet experience, Zoro.to will prove to be easy for you to use. A user-friendly UI and UX optimize the site for its users. The site is easy to navigate; you only need to look quickly to find your content of interest. Search for a specific title via the search box if you are looking for something specific. You can find more suggestions using the site’s categories on the horizontal navigation bar or selecting View Full Site.

Device Compatibility

As Zoro is mobile-friendly and Chromecast-compatible, it works well on most devices. However, streaming anime online from your desktop/laptop will give you the best experience.

Content Library

Thousands of anime shows are available on the site, both subbed and dubbed. You are likely to find your anime of interest here, no matter what you are looking for, whether it is popular, classic, or current titles. This website covers various genres, including action, horror, mystery,, comedy, music, games, and many more. Additionally, it provides news, reviews, and other interesting details about anime.

Streaming Experience

Loading anime at Zoro.to is faster than at leading anime streaming websites. Watching anime on Zoro is as smooth as butter without buffering, lagging, or interruptions from ads and pop-ups. It’s just as easy to download videos for offline viewing with only one click.


New episodes, the latest releases, and requested titles are added to Zoro.to’s database daily. Check out the homepage for all the updates, or create an account to stay up-to-date about what’s going on.

Customer Care

The rapid success of the site can be attributed to this factor. As part of its effort to provide us with the best overall experience, the site is willing to take feedback and listen to its users. A Zoro team member is always available to fix broken links, upload requested content, and help us with any queries/inquiries.

Having all the features of a premium site without charging a single penny makes Zoro.to one of a kind. Make sure you bookmark the site and show your support by sharing it on social media. With motivation, we can maintain a Zoro.to that is continuously improving.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How does zoro.to make money?

Despite being a very good and “expensive” site, Zoro.to cannot function with only donations.

What makes it so good?

Zoro.to generates approximately $36,200 per day, equivalent to an estimated monthly revenue of $1.1 million and an annual income of approximately $13.2 million. According to these numbers, the site is estimated to be worth $33.1 million.

Where can I find similar sites to Zoro.to?

There are 5 websites similar to Zoro.to and Zoro alternatives: 4anime.gg, animebee.to, 9anime.vc, gogoanime.be and animixplay.to.


It is safe to stream videos on Zoro.to. The platform protects members’ information and does not allow ads or malicious links to compromise the streaming experience. Fans can enjoy a variety of video genres, such as action, fantasy, and drama, as well as comedy and science fiction. 

You can watch all the videos for free unless you want to donate money for website upgrades or charity work. Now with apps for all operating systems, you can download it to any device you own thanks to its modern graphics and features. 

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