WCOForever: Watch Anime and Cartoons Online.Is It Safe?


Anime has been popular for the past few years, and people are obsessed with watching them. They find ways of watching them free without disturbance and advertisements. Are you also an anime lover? You love spending time in anime cartoons, and you are looking for a site that can provide you with the streaming of the bulk of characters. In this situation, WCOForever is the best site to visit.

Because here, you can search for your favorite anime character and watch them without any legit. With WCOForever, many options will allow you to watch cartoons online without hassle. There are also some WCOForever alternatives which I will discuss soon. However, you are right because I will discuss the bundle of WCOFever cartoons in detail here.

What is WCOForever?

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WCOForever is a free cartoon streaming platform where you can watch your favorite cartoon anime. You can watch these free anime cartoons on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. It’s found the best ultimate destination for anime fans that provides a vast library of characters and streaming.

The game generates its revenue through advertisement, and all over the world, anime lovers watch this site willingly. Although you don’t want any promotional ads or disturbance while watching cartoons, you must purchase its paid account.

How does WCOForever Work?

WCOForever is a completely online and free site to watch your favorite anime cartoons. There is also a paid option for those who don’t want to get disturbed by the advertisement. Moreover, all the devices are compatible with this site, so you can even use your mini-screen smartphone for this.

Another thing is that WCO allows all the countries to watch anime without any restrictions. Multiple languages and subtitles are also available that entertain even though to Japanese. You don’t need to download any additional software to run this site.

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How to Use WCOForever

There are two ways of using this site:

  • You can directly watch anime cartoons on a browser with the help of the Internet.
  • Another option is to download the WCOForever app. This app is valuable for smartphone users, and you can even download these videos and watch them later when it suits you.

Q. How Can I download wcoforever?

Just go to this apkpure.com and download WCOForever.

Benefits And Features Of WCOForever

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There are several benefits of using WCOForever, which I will discuss below.

  • Compatible with Smartphones

Not only on the website, but you can use the WCOForever app for your smartphone.

  • Free of Cost

There is no hidden fee to use it.

  • Secure

WCOForever anime does not need to host anything on the website. A third party posts all the content, so there is no copyright issue.

  • Easy to Use

It is a user-friendly site, so you don’t have difficulty using it.

  • Update Content Available

The site’s developers ensure the content’s expandability; therefore, you find a huge variety here.

  • Get all Updates Through Ads

You get all the recent updates through the ads while watching cartoons.

  • Easy Contact and Consultancy

If you require any help or consultancy, you can contact the WCO team via email or chat box.

Reasons to Use WCOForever

Following are some reasons why you should watch WCOForever anime.

  • WCO stands for Watch Cartoon Online. Watchcartoononline free website anime is a good choice for users who don’t want to spend their money.
  • It’s a trustworthy site that allows watching cartoons without any security issues.
  • They provide a high-quality HD-level cartoon.
  • WCO is one of the most popular online sites on the Internet.
  • You will find there fast loading time.

Is WCOFever Safe to Use?

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WCO is a free anime cartoon site, but what about its legality? Is WCOForever legal to watch cartoons and anime? Let me shed light on its back story. WCOForever is a subdomain of the famous watchcartoononline site and is found with a million users and viewers. However, it is completely safe and legal to watch live streaming on WCOForever.

I’m saying it is legal because it does not require any license or age restriction when you open it for entertainment. In the case of your country, it is illegal to watch streams on watchcartoononline. Don’t worry. In this situation, you can use VPN and WCOForever AdBlock to watch live anime cartoon streaming.

Is WCOForever down?

Sometimes WCOForever gets down because the server receives multiple requests and several users watch videos simultaneously. Why is wcoforever.com not working? If you find your WCOForever is not working, then you can do nothing but wait for the site developers to fix this issue. Never consider it as a WCOForever virus. It’s a server issue and can also resolve through given troubleshooting tips.

  • You need to double-check your URL sometimes, and it’s just typing error.
  •  Check if you have typed HTTP or HTTPS. They both are different. Sometimes websites don’t work with both.
  • If you use a VPN or proxy, turn it off several times.

Alternatives to WCOForever.com

Several websites are roaming the Internet to entertain you with free online anime cartoon streaming. Moreover, some services cost while others don’t provide HD or high-quality previews. Most are available with subtitles and some provisions in their native language. However, below we will discuss some alternatives to WCOForever.com.

1. Wco.tv

This is an alternative to WCO and provides you free entertainment of videos with subtitles and dubs. Most of its videos are HD quality, and the site uploads most of the content, so you get attached to it without getting bored.

However, it takes care of your security, so don’t worry about getting secured. After some time of use, you need to subscribe to the site or purchase a premium account; otherwise, it will not allow you to watch videos.

2. AnimeStreams

You can find on the internet aits another alternative named AnimeStreams. You will find here thousands of video content for free. Here you can freely stream your content live from anywhere and anytime. It would help if you had a good internet connection.

3. Gogoanimeshd.live

It’s another alternative to WCO, and similarly, you don’t have to pay for live streaming and anime cartoons. You don’t need to download it on PC or mobile. It works directly.

4. Kisscartoon.sh

It is another alternative to WCO and is popular among the watch anime online. You don’t have to pay for it; videos play in HD format. It revises its updates daily on a channel kissanime.sh 9anime. It also entertains you with the subbed and dubbed content similar to the WCOForever. Unlike WCOForever, Kisscartoon.sh is unsafe to use and generates viruses in users’ gadgets.

5. Wcostream

On this site, you can watch anime cartoons and 3D animated films on the Internet. There is a bundle of content available on the site without any cost. The difference is you need to subscribe to the site and install some plugin setup on your computer.

The biggest difference is that Wcostream is illegal to use. On the other hand, WCOForever is a completely legal site.


WCOForever is a watchcartoononline free website anime it’s lovers spend hours watching their favorite characters. The most valuable thing about using it is finding high-quality HD videos. A bulk of content on site provokes its users to watch more and more. However, while watching, you don’t need to worry about security issues because this site heartily takes care of your privacy.

Sometimes the site server gets down because the bulk of users watches live streaming at the same time. Don’t worry if this situation goes with you. Just wait a while, and the server will recover soon.

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