What is nhl66.ir? Top 8 Alternates (Is It Safe To Use)


Nhl66.ir is a free online streaming service that provides streaming of hockey matches to all hockey fans around the world. His article will cover nhl66 and other similar streaming services. So, if you are interested in legal status, safety and other issues regarding nhl66, keep reading the article.

What is nhl66.ir?

Nhl66 is a website where you can see live streaming of hockey matches without any cost. The website doesn’t need any subscription or registration from the user’s end. It is an ideal situation for those people who don’t like to share personal information like name, email or mobile number online.

People from any part of the world can benefit from the services provided by nhl66. It is perfect for NHL fans, who can watch their favourite games on their mobiles or desktop systems from anywhere. All they need is a stable internet connection.

What is NHL?

NHL stands for National Hockey League. It is a North American hockey league which comprises 32 hockey teams. Twenty-five of these teams belong to America, and seven belong to Canada. nhl66 provides live HD streaming of NHL games.

However, some countries governments don’t allow their citizens to access nhl66. But they can always use a VPN and enjoy the games. Hockey is a favourite game of sports fans from all around the world. It is becoming more popular as time passes, especially in countries like Canada and the United States.

More people are getting training to play hockey as it is an exciting and fun game to play. So, if you belong to a country where hockey is a fan favourite, you must know someone who plays, coach or watch hockey.

Why is nhl66.ir not working in my country?

Usually, a game like NHL gets its money from paid viewership, which is why those websites that stream them for free often have trouble keeping their services up and running. Moreover, governments of some countries prioritize information technology and are more active in detecting unsolicited websites.

They can block these websites for various reasons, and for this reason, you get the message “website service is not available in your area” on your browser. Another reason that nhl66.ir is not working is that Google bans it. Sometimes websites are banned by search engines for providing free content with permission or license from a service provider.

Is nhl66.ir an illegal website?

Nhl66 is an illegal website for providing free streaming of NHL matches without permission or any legal work from the NHL. This means the NHL is not benefiting from these streams, and the money from the advertisements on the nhl66 website is going to the creators of nhl66.ir.

They are making money by providing content that belongs to someone else. This makes it an illegal website, and for this reason, nhl66.ir is now redirected to other web addresses.

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Is Nhl66 a safe website?

No one can guarantee the safety and security of an illegal website. The website users should consider this fact and browse through it at their own risk.

Why is the nhl66.ir URL being redirected to another web address?

The URL is redirected to other web addresses if it is banned from your search engine or taken down by a government or area server. nhl66.ir URL might be redirected to the web address http://robosports.ir/ for any such reason.

How can I unblock nhl66 in my country?

You can access any blocked websites in your country by using a VPN. VPN can be free or premium, but if you want to access the website for a few hours, it can be done using the free version. However, if you wish, you can try the premium VPN, as it will give you some extra benefits and improved browsing speed.

Top 8 Best Alternatives of nhl66.ir

If you are looking for similar websites like nhl66, the following are some options.


It is also a free sports streaming service where you can watch live NBA games. Although we do not recommend you watch any illegal website, this article merely provides information about what is already on the internet.

After other NBA streaming websites were blocked in 2019, basketball fans shifted towards nba4live for watching the games.


If you are looking for a better option to watch hockey games, Sportsurge provides the high quality and fastest streaming of hockey and other sports like basketball, football and boxing.

An added benefit of Sportsugre is that it is free from annoying advertisements.


The website is famous for streaming European and Asian games like football, cricket and racing etc. Therefore it gets the most traffic from Asian and European countries.

Grandma Streams

It is an online sports streaming website with more options than any other website. Therefore, gaming fans prefer it, as everyone can watch their favourite game on one website. The most viewed games preferred by sports lovers, available on Grandma Streams, are NHA, NFL, Rugby, MLB, NBA, Formula 1, Tennis and Combat sports etc.


VIPLeague is considered the top competitor of nhl66 as a wide range of game streams are available on its website. The user interface is straightforward, and the website does not allow pop-ups while game streaming. You can also stream various live TV channels on VIPLeague.


It is a live TV streaming website on which you can watch American, UK, Canadian, Russian, Italian, Spanish and many other European Channels. If you are a sports fan, you switch to sports streaming channels with a single click.

Although Stream2Watch allows advertisements on its website, this minor drawback is nothing compared to the accessibility of live TV channels without paying for cable TV networks.


You can watch free soccer, NFL, MLB, NHL, CFB, UFC and other matches on Streameast. The website’s one-of-a-kind features, like a neat & clean user interface, live feeds, and HD resolutions, are tempting for sports fans.


ESPN allows its viewers to access thousands of live sports events. It owns multiple broadcasting networks. And if you are subscribed to them, you can watch live streams on ESPN 2, 3, U, SEC Network, ESPN Plus, ESPN News and Longhorn Network

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If you go to the nhl66 URL, you will be redirected to another web address where you can watch NHL games. If you want to watch hockey matches, it is advised to go to legal and genuine sources.


How can I watch Hockey games without cable?

There are various paid and unpaid online streaming services on which you can watch hockey matches without cable. Some of them are given below

  • Sling TV
  • ESPN+
  • FuboTV
  • Hulu + Live TV
  • 2022 U.S. Open Live stream

How can I avoid blackout in NHL?

Connect to the VPN server of that location where the match you are watching does not get blackout. Now open the website on which you like to watch the game and enjoy.

What does it mean by “blacking out” of a hockey game?

You may have experienced while watching an NFL game that the following message appears on your screen

“This game is blacked out in your area.”

It means that the match which was scheduled to be aired at a particular time is not televised in your media market.

How long do NHL blackouts usually last?

You can watch full length replays of NHL games in the archive after 48 hours if an NHL game was blacked out from your steaming service.

Can a VPN get around NHL blackout?

If you connect to the VPN of such countries where NHL games are being broadcasted on TV, you can access them with a VPN.

How much do NHL players make in a year?

On average, one NHL player makes almost $3 million in a year.

How does an NHL game work?

NHL game consists of three 20 minutes periods. The team who does the most goals in a total of 60 minutes wins; if there is a tie after 60 minutes, then there is sudden-death overtime of 5 minutes in which the team who scores the first goal wins.

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