Who won Youtube Vs. TikTok Boxing? Highlights, Results.

Youtube Vs. TikTok Boxing

Now you can enjoy a pretty entertaining event as the battle of the platforms has ended. In this post, we will discuss in detail who won YouTube Vs. TikTok boxing. This was a fight between Bryce Hall and Austin.

These are two social media stars won from YouTube and another from tiktok who put up that against one another. The bet was to pay the other one million dollar bonus in the event of a knockout. Although the result was not very clear, the Hall is going to be paying up. This is because it was decided that McBroom was the main event winner.

Youtube Vs. TikTok Boxing

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Youtube Vs. TikTok Boxing

It was the co-main event between Tayler Holder and AnEsonGib, which ended in a huge controversy. The judges concluded that the match was a draw. However, according to many people, AnEsonGib appeared to be the clear winner of that fight. However, the fans were so upset that it became a Twitter trend after the ruling.

Although AnEsonGib did not get the actual victory at the time, he proved to other people that he had improved a lot since his loss to Jake Paul. He was so indulged in ring fighting that he was so much polished against the holder. He was also upset that he did not win, but the fans respected his boxing efforts more than his performance.

The backstory of the YouTubers vs. Tiktokers Fight

Last year, there was a fight between Austin McBroom and Jake Paul, which was a great challenge for both. It is noted that Jake has been fighting and training in recent years as a semi-professional boxer. Austin also wrote on his Instagram account that he had been an athlete his entire life, and it would be disappointing not to get involved in the game. When Jake refused to bite, Austin challenged Bryce, the second most tagged influencer.

First of all, Bryce initially rejected Austin’s proposal, but then he came around claiming Austin met his requirements of the deal.

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YouTube versus TikTok live fight updates and highlights

Austin McBroom gave dominating performance in the battle. Unfortunately, he had strong punches in the first two rounds but returned with full strength in round 3. He gave several punches directly at Hall’s head. In the end, the referee ended up the game and stopped the fight because he thought that Hall was in trouble during the fight. The results showed McBroom landed 29 punches, whereas Hall did only 10.

But still, it was not clear who won the game and earned a 1 million dollar bonus as it was a bet between them. But many people said that McBroom earned a lot of money by winning, and according to some people, he earned 5 million dollars in this event.

YouTube Vs. TikTok Boxing Card

It is also called a fight card and is not a typical event. The public chose to watch the fights on the undercard here.

The full fight card is as follows.

  • Main event: Ed Mathews vs. Simple Simon
  • Co-main event bunker: AJ Bunker vs. Elle Brook
  • AaronHunt vs. Chef Dave
  • Tommy Mulligan vs. Pully Arif
  • Jak Stevo vs. Ezekiel
  • Smithey vs. Tempo Arts
  • Dave vs. Paddy Murphy
  • KayRhys vs. Ginty
  • Luke Bennett vs. Deanlm

Tiktok Vs. Youtube Boxing List

  • Boxing Card
  • The main fight was between YouTube star and TikTok star. The other fights list is below.
  • Vinnie Hacker vs. Deji
  • DDg vs. Nate WyattTanner Fox vs. Ryland Storms
  • Tayler vs. AnEsonGib
  • Michael Le vs. Faze Jarvis
  • Ben Azelart vs. Landon McBroom

Youtube Vs. TikTok Boxing Time

Here we will discuss YouTube Vs. TikTok Boxing time and date.

Starting time: 7 pm ET

Date: Saturday, June 12

Keep in mind that a total of 8 fights are there where the 6 are included in the main event.

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Youtube Vs. Tiktok Boxing Live Stream Free

Elle Brooke and AJ Bunker fought in a co-main event the night before Matthews and Simon battle in the ring. In England, London, the game was hosted, and remember that it was a celebrity boxing. There were 6 fights on an intriguing undercard.

Simon, whose real name is Simon Colbran, said that he is confident enough and when he goes into the ring, he will win. But he said that he is not like him and he is very realistic. On the other side, Mathew said I have to train very hard and be able to beat him. Simpson said that he is in good shape, which is the only compliment I can give him.

You need to know these details about Ed Matthews and Simon. Another star, AJ Bunker, entered the competition with just ten days’ notice to fight with Elle Brooke. Elle was fighting after Astrid Wett pulled over out the fear for her safety. There was also an alteration between Ryan Taylor and Slim Albaher, where they were removed from the undercard. Elle Brooke is a role model to other people interested in these games.

Simple Simon has got Greg Paul and Jake ahead of his fight with Ed Matthews. Then the member called Slim Albaher gets in a fight with Ryan Taylor due to a detached retina. Astrid Wett also fought with Elle Brooke because of concerns for her safety.


Youtube Vs. TikTok Boxing took place on June 12, 2021.

Start Time

Matthews and Colbran started the fight at 10 pm UK time.


Tickets for the YouTubers vs. Tiktokers fight were also available on sale. These are also available at the site from where you can purchase them.

How to watch YouTubers vs. Tiktokers fight?

Ed Matthews and Simple Simon were streamed live on YouTube so everyone could easily access the streaming. Some people also bought that coverage and got full access to the whole event, including the co-main events and undercard.

Where To Watch Youtube Vs. Tiktok Boxing

Many people live-streamed the fight on a platform called LiveXLive. So they could easily access the boxing fight through a service called LiveXLive. It is a streaming service where you can enjoy your favorite movie and watch live-streaming performances.

As it was a PPV event, you cannot see it here as a live stream. However, the people also accessed the first two undercard fights for free here. You can easily stream for livexlive through an internet-connected device. It has Android and iOS apps on the internet. You can also access its apps on Smart TVs such as Roku,  Samsung, Smart TV, and Google Chromecast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who won TikTok vs. YouTube boxing?

FaZe Jarvis, a British YouTuber, got the victory against the TikToker named Michael Le.

Did YouTubers beat Tiktokers?

There was a main event in which McBroom defeated Bryce Hall. There were three rounds, which was a technical knockout at that time.

Is YouTube vs. TikTok boxing free?

This fight is not free even if you have to pay 49.9 USD; it is actually a baseline PPPV price for this boxing. If you want to watch with a service fee, it costs up to 60 dollars.

Final Thoughts

YouTube Vs. TikTok Boxing is a great event and, infact, a new trend in this field. It was a fabulous and interesting boxing game in which YouTubers won, and TikToker lost. In the event, McBroom was the winner and was from YouTube. If you have any questions about the topic, please comment in the comment section.

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