6Streams TikTok vs Youtube (Complete Overview)

6Streams TikTok vs Youtube

Before debating about Stream6 TikTok vs Youtube, let’s look at what is TikTok and Youtube. They are both online video-sharing platforms with easy-to-use user interfaces and an extensive content library. On TikTok, you can watch short looping videos that will play automatically when you scroll through them.

You can not watch or upload long videos on TikTok. On Youtube, you can search for videos by writing their titles in the search bar. You can watch and upload videos of any length on Youtube. 6Strams.tv was a free online streaming channel that used to run streaming of mostly boxing and other games.

However, this site has been closed, and you can access the site through a VPN. the term “6Stream TikTok vs Youtube” implies an amateur boxing competition between TikTok and Youtube celebrities on the 12th of June 2021. This match was streamed on 6Stream and various free and paid streaming websites.

However, i was unable to find this match on 6Stream.tv, i am unsure about the origin of the keyword “6Stream TikTok vs Youtube.” let’s focus on the battle between two main competitors of both teams Austin Mcbroom, a Youtuber and TikToker Bryce Hall.

It was an exciting battle, and both social media viewers wanted to know the winner. If you are also eager to find the winner between both platforms, continue reading the article, which will cover the history, pros, and cons of both media platforms and the reality of 6Stream.

What is Stream Used For?

We all know that it’s an era of the fight for a better life and more wealth. In this race, people often forget to take out time form their challenging routine. But it is crucial to find some moments to enjoy life for one’s peace of mind. One of the best ways to relax is to watch some interesting games and other fun video content.

Therefore, bundles of online sites have started live sports streaming on their channels. One of them is 6Stream.tv, which allows you to watch live streaming of different games. However, if you don’t have time to watch live matches, you can watch recorded videos later.

They are also vital in relaxing your mind and finding pleasure. 6Stream also provides a feature to download and watch the desired video for later watch. This streaming TV is fully loaded with tons of short and lengthy videos. You only need to search for the desired content in a search bar.

History of YouTube

Youtube is a social media site resulting from the collaborative efforts of three former American e-commerce company Paypal employees. The website was opened in May 2005 and was officially launched in December 2005. Since then, 30,000 people have been visiting youtube daily.

Google bought YouTube in 2007 for $1.65 billion and announced to make it an open platform till 2011. Which meant anyone would be able to upload videos on Youtube. The result was the rise in popularity of various independent YouTubers like PewDiePie, who currently have the most youtube followers.

Advantages of using YouTube

Youtube is an entertaining as well as an informative site. Thousands of videos are uploaded on different youtube channels made by various YouTubers. You are free to select anything you like to watch. The following are some more advantages of using Youtube.

  • It is a free social media platform.
  • The user interface is simple.
  • It is an excellent source of income for many people.
  • You can connect with millions of people by uploading your content.
  • You can benefit from numerous informative and educational youtube channels.

Disadvantages of using YouTube

  • It is open for anyone to upload, which makes it an easy source of bullying.
  • Anyone can upload inappropriate content on it.
  • It provides endless suggestions, making it harder to concentrate on a single topic.
  • It contains many advertisements.

History of Streams Tiktok

Tiktok is also a popular social media site created ten years after the launch of youtube in 2015. It is dedicated to short-form videos which Tyler Durden and Lucas Duplan made. To this day, it has 800 million active users worldwide and 2 billion downloads on Google Play and Apple Store.

The TikTok application is not as easy-to-use and simple as the Youtube website. It is similar to youtube in the sense that it allows anyone to upload and share videos. However, it is not as popular as youtube due to its lack of content as compared it.

Advantages of using 6Stream TikTok

  • It is an outstanding source of entertainment.
  • You can gain popularity in a much shorter period as compared to youtube.
  • You can learn new and creative things.
  • The videos are short and hence more straightforward so that you can watch a lot of content in less time.
  • It has some unique features which are not available on youtube.

Disadvantages of 6Stream TikTok

  • Kids can quickly become addicted to it, which will eventually waste their time.
  • It can be used as a harassment tool.
  • You cannot select a streaming quality.
  • It does not contain as much content as youtube.

What is 6Stream TikTok vs Youtube?

TikTok and Youtube are social media brands with a massive library of short and lengthy videos. Both are considered a hub of entertainment for their consumers. Apart from all, let’s first discover the keyword “TikTok vs Youtube.” So, if you think it’s a war between Youtubers and TikTokers, then you are probably right. But it’s not a verbal or other generic routine war. In fact, in this war, entertainers describe the pros and cons of each other.

It’s still unsure whether the war was live-streamed or recorded on 6stream.tv. Let’s leave all the matters and dig into the actual matter of battle. The battle started between Bryce Hall, a TikToker, and YouTuber Austin McBroom. They both are Americans but belong from different cities.

Autin lives in Los Angeles, while Bryce is from Ellicott City. Furthermore, Austin is 6 feet, Bryce is 5 feet and eleven inches, and they weigh 75kg and 78kg, respectively.

Do 6Streams Even Exist?

You would be shocked to hear that 6Stream does not even exist. The site has been closed for a year, and till today it has not continued. Before, you could watch live streams of most games on 6Streams. It’s a big question mark how someone could stream on a site that does not even exist in reality.

They manipulated the traffic through false SEO; otherwise, there was no real audience. Let’s take a look at some of the powerful data of the website that shows how big a hoax 6Streams was. 240364 is the total number of visitors to the website. The site ranked 18841 in the United States of America.

Of course, it is almost impossible to rank at this stage within one year, which shows that the website was a total scam. Another doubtful factor was the site related to the site’s legit users of 6Streams were unsure whether the site is legal or illegal to use.

6Streams TikTok Against Youtube Legal or Not?

It is evident that a site, whether streaming or any other, is real and legal and would never end up practicing in the dark without any reason. Still, if one cannot find the site on Google search, it signals that it is illegal.

However, you can access the site via only a VPN, and it is also true that most countries have banned it even on VPNs. These points prove that the site may not legally offer the charges to the Youtuber vs TikTok fighters. However, still, there are confusions and unclarity that the site may find in existence. 

What Chargers did They get for 6Streams?

As I have mentioned, no one is sure about the source of TikTok vs Youtube battle. Therefore, the charges are also not clear. Furthermore, keep in mind that 6Streams is free streaming, so maybe they did not find any reward or charges in case of winning.


It is an almost similar website to 6Streams.XYZ. It was created after 6Stream was shut down as its replacement. Now, https://6Stream.one is the official and working 6Stream site. The website creators belong to two different countries, America and Canada.

The site entertains its users with many unique features. You can find the streaming schedule onsite to watch your favorite online streaming game. This way, you will never miss your favorite shows and sports.


6Streams TikTok vs Youtube was a war held on 6Stream.tv basically the war was between two social media followers. One was Austin (Youtuber) and the other was Bryce (TikToker). In the end, YouTuber won the battle. If we talk about the price of winning so remember that it is still unclear that Austin got any price as a winner.

Because most of the visitors of the site were doubtful whether the site is legal or illegal. However, if they paid for winning then it must not be legal. Because after sometimes the site totally vanished from the browser. 

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