What are AARP Games? Top 8 Best Free AARP Games 2022.

AARP Games

Remember when our parents used to tell us that studying and reading would make us smarter and many of us think that getting smart must be so hard. Well, that’s a thing of the past. Now you can get smart by playing games. And I am not talking about any boring games but fun and addicting games.

And in this article, all those games will be explained along with information on where you can play them without paying a penny. Playing games is not only an exciting way to pass your time, but your brain will become more active with these games.

What are AARP Games?

Before learning about the addicting and cool games we discussed earlier, you need to know about AARP Games. AARP is an abbreviation for The American Society of Retired Persons. The main goal of this society is to care for elderly persons, especially people who are older than 50. AARP Games are the games that are created with the collaboration of AARP and different game publishers.

According to research conducted by AARP in 2019, elderly people have been more interested in games in the past few years than any other age group. Almost 73% of people who are 50 years or older admitted to playing games on their mobile. And 49% of them prefer to play logic and puzzle games.

Playing these games will stimulate your games, which is why AARP created them to help these elderly people increase their thinking capability and keep them attentive and occupied. Although it was the main reason for the creation of these games, regardless, AARP free Games can be enjoyed by people of every age group.

Every person has their own way of keeping themselves busy in their spare time and winding up for the day. For people who like spending their time playing games, AARP free online games could be the best choice. Free AARP Games are both challenging and fun. With various difficulty levels, they are perfect if you want to brainstorm or want something light and interesting.

Students particularly like to play AARP free Games online for educational purposes. Some games will help keep their brain sharp, like matching cards and puzzles.

Benefits of Playing Free AARP Games

If you want to strengthen your body muscles, what would you do? You would go to the gym and work and make those muscles work hard, so they become strong. Right? The same is the case with your brain; the more you put it to use, the more it becomes powerful and sharp. So challenge your mind to some mind bending games with AARP free online Games.

You can start with simple games, just like when you start working out at the gym; you don’t start with lifting 100 kg. And then, gradually increase the difficulty level, and your mind becomes more sharp with time. According to research done in 2018, mental cognitive abilities can be increased through brain training. If you leave your brain idle for too long, it will become dull and sluggish, just like if you lay down all the time, your body will become lazy. AARP free Games will help significantly in keeping your brain active all the time.

Top Best Free AARP Games

Following are some best AARP free online games with some details about how you can enjoy them.

1. 10 x 10 Game

This game is the AARP free game version of Tetris, which is quite similar to Tetris. In case you don’t know how to play this cool and addictive game, here is a brief detail. In this game, different formations of blocks will fall from the top of the screen, and you have to place them to form a straight line. After the line is complete, it’ll disappear, and you’ll get points for it, and if your phone screen gets filled with blocks, your game will be over.

This is an excellent game for training your brain to make proper and timely decisions because you only have a few seconds to decide how you will arrange the block in a place where you can make a straight line out of them.

2. Classic Solitaire

Solitaire is a favourite game for those people who like card games. It is a classic card game in which you have to arrange cards using different techniques based on the initial placement of cards. The word “solitaire” means a one-person card game in which a particular skill is required.

The history of card games goes back 50 years, and initially, it was played with only a physical deck of cards, but in 1990 Microsoft included this game in windows as a build in feature, and that’s how many people started playing it. This helps your mind in making strategic decisions because, with every new solitaire game, you need a new strategy to win it.

3. Sudoku

Sudoku is a game that is thought to be of Japanese origin, but it was actually developed by Swiss mathematicians in the 18th century when it was called “Latin squares.” It is a number game, and it requires a strategic brain to win this game.

4. Daily Crossword Puzzle

If you are into finding things that are hidden right in front of your eyes, the crossword puzzle AARP free online game is ideal for you.

It was created in 1913 when WW1 was just starting, and it was the favourite game of world war soldiers because it kept their minds sharp and active. In crossword puzzles, alphabets of different words are scattered, and you have to make words from those alphabets.

Various categories of the daily crossword puzzle are available at AARP free games. You can check them out and find what you like best.

5. Asteroids

Asteroids was developed by the Atari game designing company. In this game, you must destroy flying ships and asteroids coming toward your spaceship. You can use your keyboard arrows or your laptop’s touchpad to move your spaceship and enter the button to fire on these flying objects.

6. Backgammon

When it comes to enhancing the cognitive skills of your brain, playing backgammon is the key because this game requires analytical thinking. This game is highly addictive and keeps you entertained for an extended period. Studies show that playing backgammon can help you tackle your stress level.

7. Jewel Shuffle

In this game, jewels of different colours will appear on your screen, and you have to arrange the jewels of the same colours together by shuffling them. When three or more jewels of the same colour are put together in rows or columns, they will disappear, giving you a score.

8. Jigsaw

Although you must be familiar with the physical version of Jigsaw and might have played it at some point in your life, and if you like Jigsaw puzzles, you should try it in AARP free games online. In this game, you have to arrange puzzle pieces to make a picture, just like a real jigsaw puzzle.

An “eye” icon will be given in the game through which you can see the image. The three difficulty levels, easy, normal and hard, are perfect for people of different skill levels.


Training your brain to be sharp and intelligent doesn’t have to be through boring conventional methods. With the help of free AARP games, you can improve your brain’s cognitive, strategic and problem solving skills in a fun, cool way.

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