Myeclass: How To Register And Login? (Complete Overview)


Technology is taking over all aspects of our daily life in this modern age. Because of technology, everything we used to do a certain way a few years ago is now accomplished in another way. Even our money is now digitalized. Well, the education department is not left behind. Soon, the classroom and school building we were used to growing up will be a thing of the past.

Many online platforms are designed for educational purposes since online education has been gaining more and more popularity since the start of the pandemic. A prominent among them that we will discuss in this article is called “Myeclass”.

What is RFID, and what are its Benefits in Myeclass?

RFID is an abbreviation for Radio Frequency Identification and is used for taking attendance of students in Myeclass. It is a small wireless machine which consists of a transmitter, small radio transponder and receiver. RIFD cards are assigned to each student, and before joining the class, the students have to show these cards to the “reader” for completing to show their attendance.

This device is compatible with all Android and Mac computers, tablets, etc. students and teachers using the Myeclass online platform attach it with the device for taking attendance. It can save teachers valuable time because they don’t have to take attendance manually, eliminating the paperwork.

What is Myeclass, And What is it used for?

Myeclass is an online platform designed specifically for students and their parents by the American education system in 2013. Not only is it a great learning opportunity for kids, but it can also help parents to keep an eye on their children’s internet activities.

With today’s online education system, Myeclass provides all the necessary solutions to the educational requirements of students and teachers. Plenty of courses are available on the Myeclass website, including business administration, computer technology and creative writing.

With its mobile app launch in 2021, it has become accessible for students and teachers on the go. It is a secure platform that offers a money back guarantee for its users. This means that if you are not satisfied with its results, you’ll get your money back.

How can Schools Register in Myeclass?

To benefit from the facilities, Myeclass provides for its users, you have to register your institution with them. Following are some steps for doing so.

1. Open the official page of Myeclass to do the registration process.
2. A menu option is provided on the top left corner of the main page. Select it.
3. A list will appear in front of you. Find the option of School Registration and select it.
4. A window will open specifically for the institution’s principal or owner.
5. Fill out the form that will appear in front of you. The mandatory fields like name of the school, complete name, designation, province, country, contact number, email address, password and postcodes are essential to fill before submitting the form.
6. After you are done, select the “register” option.

The registration process is free, and after it is complete, all you have to do is Myeclass sign in, and you can search the courses offered at Myeclass online portal.

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The process of Myeclass Login and Myeclass Sign In

Myeclass login and Myeclass sign in processes are given below so you can have access to all the valuable content provided by the website.

1. Go to the official website of Myeclass and open the window for Myeclass login.
2. Use your Myeclass student account user ID and password for Myeclass sign in.
3. If you are not registered with the website, you must first register yourself and make a new account or ID.
4. In case you forget your Myeclass login password, the website will give you the option to reset it.

The online platform of Myeclass is compatible with all devices, whether you are using a desktop system for Myeclass login or using your tablet for Myeclass sign up. Similarly, it works on all operating systems like windows, MAC etc.

For the ease of use of international students Myeclass website is accessible in various languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and dutch.

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Essential Features of Myeclass Login

After Myeclass sign in, you can access extraordinary education tools and some excellent functionalities provided by the website.

  • For students registered with Myeclass, it provides free RFID cards, software and RFID readers.
  • You can access it from anywhere around the world as long as you have a stable internet connection.
  • Myeclass is continuously updated to match your business requirements.

Benefits of Myeclass for Students

Students can register themselves in any course they are interested in, which are created by teachers. The teachers don’t necessarily have to be from their respective institutions. Multiple other professional teachers offer various courses in which students can enroll themselves. These courses can be either paid or free.

Benefits of Myeclass for Parents

A parents manual is provided for parents with access to the school EPR. This parents manual contains a complete profile of their children with all the details about their performance like attendance or test results.By checking the option of homework module or daily activity, parents can know about their homework, assignments, class routine and exams schedule.

The application will continuously give you notifications in case of any new announcements. You can also submit a sick leave or application if your child is not feeling well and cannot attend his class.

Benefits of Myeclass for Teachers

Myeclass allows you to create a virtual classroom to teach a course at any level, like for school, college, university, coaching center or even as a freelancer. Due to this virtual interaction, teachers and students can both teach and learn respectively from the convenience of their home at their convenient times.

To make the learning process interesting for students, teachers can upload their material, i.e. doc, pdf, video ppt files, in an organized and collective manner. It also enables teachers to make online quizzes, online assignments, discussion forums, opinion polls and surveys. They can upload homework for the class they teach on the website, and in case of any mistakes, they can change it and notify the students about it.

If the teacher is unable to attend a class, the students will be immediately notified without wasting their time. If the teachers work for any institution, they will also receive notifications and messages from the administration on the website.

Who can Benefit from Myeclass

People from the following fields of life can benefit from the functions available at Myeclass

  • Schools
  • Higher Education
  • Private Training and Coaching Centers
  • Educational and Corporate Skills Institutes
  • Teachers working as Freelancers
  • Entrance Exams Coaching Centers
  • Consultants, Onboarding Professional and Remote Admission
  • Support Class Specialist


Myeclass is a multi-use education tool that can be useful for people from various educational fields. The simple and easy to use interface of the online portal and application adds to its value. The easy Myeclass login and registration process is beneficial for even those new to online learning tools.

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