Play Heardle 70s: Your New Gaming Obsession.

Play Heardle 70s

Many of us do not know about heardle 70s; it is actually a song game. So if you want to play this online song game then you are at the right place. The song game is based on the well-known wordle game. In this post, we will reveal all the information about heardle 70s. 

It is actually a heardle clone where you can play one song every day from the 1970s. So, we can say that it is a puzzle game and has a comparable sharing function. Through this sharing function, it enables you to share how quickly you currently identify the music. It then copies a series of emojis to your clipboard. 

Heardle 70s is actually like a Wordle game where instead of guessing a word, you have to predict different music every day. The game starts by playing a song while listening to its opening. 

You can guess the song correctly six times. So you have 6 chances to predict the particular song. After predicting the song correctly, the heardle 70s response shows the remaining time for the particular song as well as your approach.

What is heardle?

What is heardle

Heardle game was launched in 2022 during the world mania. The game got so much popularity that Spotify acquired it but in 2023, Spotify shut it down. Keep this thing in mind that the original version of heardle 70s is not available, but you can still find many versions of the game. So heardle 70s is available on Google when you search for the game. 

Many versions of heardle 70s are present on the internet, which is straightforward. When you start playing the game, a short snippet of the song is played, after which you will get 6 tries to guess the song title and the artist. When you correctly guess the song then you will hear a little more of the song. However, you have to hear the song in a few tries. 

How to play heardle 70s?

How to play heardle 70s

First of all, after visiting the website, you have to press the play button to hear a sample of the music. You can hear the music as many times as you like, but you have 6 chances to guess the song title and the author. When you hear the song snippet, you must decide on the song title and the song artist.

You have to find the 70s music in the list after listening to the introduction of the song. When you miss it, you will get more of the introduction. Make sure to answer with as few trials as possible, and then you can post your score. After opening the website, tap on the song, after which it starts and also turns up the volume. 

Origin of the heardle 70s

Two friends who are very passionate about music made this game. They both loved and appreciated the classic rock and disco music of 1970 which led to the creation of heardle 70s. They decided to make this game in 2019 that fully enables the people to experience the great music treasures. 

Their main purpose is to give a unique and immersive experience that would appeal to music lovers worldwide. So they want to make a game which would be the fusion of fun gaming with the charm of 1970s music.

What kind of music is on heardle 70s?

Keep this thing in mind that in heardle 70s, the songs were limited to the past 10 years. It means that if we are not up to date with popular music history, we might find this game extra difficult. 

Now, you can find music for every musical taste. Heardle decades give different types of fun games, all of which follow the same simple heardle rules. It does not matter which type of music you like, whether it is hip hop, rock, or classic 50s song, there is always heardle present according to your musical tastes. 

Keep in mind that heardle 70 is not available in the app version; you can still easily play on your phone or tablet. While playing the game, you will immerse yourself in a world where music is everywhere. While playing, you can feel that your mood is getting better. 

So if you want to relax yourself, then this is the best game in the form of fun music. 

If you like the music ventures of the 70s, then you can explore a range of genres that defined the decade. 

Heardle 70s gives you an array of amazing tracks that you will remember forever, and that shaped a generation. In the 70s music, every song came up with its own unique story. Then, you can play the game as a journey through the evolution of the sound. 

Tricks for playing the heardle 70s game

If you are so excited about playing heardle 70s, then you can take help from many free tools on the internet. You can go for different apps such as Shazam, Google Assistant, or SoundHound. It will help you find the song quickly just by listening to the music and rhythm for a while.

By doing this, you can win the game very easily but you should use this method only if there is no other way of winning the game. The reason is that you will find the game more exciting if you play the game without tools.

Benefits of playing heardle 70s

Keep this thing in mind that music games like heardle 70s are not only a fun way to ease you, but these types of games come with many benefits. According to different researchers, it is the best way to increase mental and physical well-being. 

Sharpens the memory

According to different research, playing these types of games will help in lowering the stress level. It activates many brain areas, such as improved working memory. You will also find many cognitive benefits of playing heardle 70s and other games. It is also helpful in engaging memory and focus.

Improves the hearing

Hearing the song while playing this game is always helpful in improving the hearing process. Also, after guessing the song, you can sing a song along. According to Canadian research, when a woman regularly sings songs, her ability to hear conversation, even in noisy areas, increases to about 20%. While singing, our brain is trained, and it also sharpens our ability to hear sounds. 

Boosts brain power

Listening to songs will boost our brain while hearing the music and it also inspires us to dance. It also boosts our thinking in 3 minutes. Listening to songs will also improve the working memory needed to multitask. It also increases our attention, problem-solving skills and planning.

Lowering the stress harmonies

While playing, heardle 70s also lessens the stress hormones. So you will feel good and relieved while listening to the songs in the game. While playing this game, our body releases less cortisol, which is a stress hormone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How did the game heardle 70s get popular worldwide?

Heardle 70s was much liked due to its great performance, and ultimately, it became a music sensation in the music world. Through this game, you have a chance to put your knowledge of the 1970s music scene to the test. 

What is the best decade of music?

According to music enthusiasts, the best decade of music is the 80s with Madonna, George Michael and Queen. According to different research, whenever we talk about the best era in music, it is the 80s behind the most memorable songs of all time. 

How did people listen to music in the 1970s?

In the 1970s, cassette tapes were normally used to record and listen to music. These are magnetic tapes where the music played through from left to right.


Through an immersive music game, you can memorize the Golden times of 70s music. In the 1970s, rock music, disco beats, and soulful melodies were very much popular. If you want to enjoy the 70s beats then you can enjoy through heardle 70s. So get ready to enjoy the 70s music with memorable tunes in a captivating and immersive gaming experience. 

The rules of playing the game are very easy, and you can learn in minutes. There are also different benefits of playing the music game, so you should also have a chance of playing the heardle 70s. The post will definitely help you with how to play this 70s song game and also the tricks on how to win the game. 

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