Who Is Dream IRL? Background Story Of Dream IRL Mask.

Who Is Dream IRL

Minecraft is considered to be the most popular game available. Dream IRL, one of the most well-known Minecraft YouTubers, is probably a name you are familiar with if you’ve played the game. 

He is one of the most popular YouTube creators, TBNRfrags, with 34 million subscribers and 7 billion YouTube videos.

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Who Is Dream IRL?

Dream, a 23-year-old American YouTuber named Clay, is well-known for his work showcasing the survival sandbox game Minecraft. Dream is well known for his carefully edited films in which he overlays cartoon sound effects and music on top of game footage, unlike Twitch broadcasters who narrate games as they are played. 

He founded DreamSMP, a group of Minecraft content makers that engage in role-playing games with overarching tales to produce more dramatic and serialized films. In 2014, Dream started his channel. Dream rose fast to fame on YouTube, growing his primary account’s subscriber base from 1 million to over 30 million in less than two years. 

He became the #2 creators on the whole site after being voted YouTube’s greatest breakout star of the year in 2020. He also co-founded DreamSMP that year. 

Life Of Dream IRL

The dream was born on August 12, 1999. He was raised in Boston but now calls Los Angeles home. TommyInnit gave his 15-year-old sister the moniker “Drista,” which is a mix of the words “Dream” and “sista.” He also has a younger brother and an older sister. Clay was the high school flag football team’s quarterback and enjoyed playing basketball and soccer. 

He spent two years in high school, graduating in the beginning of 2018. Still, he didn’t go to college since he thought he knew enough about computers to get work without a diploma. Formerly working for AppleCare. Clay is 189 cm (almost 6’2″) tall. He lives in Orlando, Florida, with his cat Patches and Sapnap, his best buddy. He rejects religion.

Face Reveal Of Dream IRL

Dream released the “my face reveal” video on September 25, 2019. His identity remains unclear because the film was removed just a few days after release. The sole description is, “hey, that’s me.” Only 34,000 people saw the video before it was taken off.

Dream revealed a picture of himself in real life on December 24, 2020, with a sign concealing his face, sparking speculation that he would reveal his face later that day. Dream tweeted, “Let’s start 2021 with a bang…” on December 31, 2020, along with an 8-second clip of him teasing his face reveal by concealing it with a sign as background music plays.

MrBeast put out an unauthorized YouTube rewind of 2020 on January 1, 2021, in which he wears a mask that looks like his well-known Minecraft Skin.

Dream said that COVID-19 caused a delay in revealing his visage during a 2021 interview with Kavos. He further disclosed that he would expose his face if COVID-19 had been eliminated by early 2022.

On April 1, 2020, Dream tweeted a Daniel Fernandez post in which Dani González claimed to be Dream and offered to expose his identity via a video aired as a hoax in honor of April Fool’s Day. The Dream tweeted, “I’m online,” with a link to Daniel’s Channel, where he broadcasted, “I was a dreamer every time.”

Why Did Dream IRL Reveal His Face?

Dream claimed he revealed his face to connect with friends and explore outside. Since his followers now recognize him, he can host meetings as a creator and complete more work away from his desk. Dream stated in his interview with Padilla that revealing his face will allow him to create other types of material, such as TikToks or collaborations with the well-known YouTuber Mr. Beast.

Why Dream Revealing His Face Is A Big Deal? 

Fans have been attempting to identify Dream’s appearance for years. His enormous fan base and aura of mystery created a hype engine that fed on itself to build anticipation for a major revelation. Imagine having the generation’s second-most popular creator, the breakout star of a large platform, and a huge source of entertainment. 

He is one of his era’s biggest celebrities, even though fans never get to see his face. But now, none of those fans must hazard a guess. He built up to the surprise by first displaying his face on camera to influential producers, following which individuals made response videos, then releasing them to the wider audience. Excited admirers gushed about how “proud” they were of 
Dream’s face was revealed on TikTok, and some just wanted to join in the fun for no apparent reason. On the other hand, some Twitter users established a hashtag to poke fun at the creator’s appearance.

Background Story Of Dream IRL Mask

Everyone has a different opinion on it. Many say he is a famous person. Another person said he was an actor. Many more people believed he only wanted to hide himself and his identity. A curious detail about the Dream IRL mask is that no one knows where or when it was first worn. 

Do not overthink it, though, since we won’t find out unless Dream IRL reveals something about him. What is the overarching narrative of the dream IRL mask? Although it’s quite simple, the surrounding reactions are incredibly intricate.

Dream IRL Scandal

Soon after Dream became well-known, he had to face serious backlash. He was the subject of a cheating controversy in 2020, which resulted in the moderation team maintaining Minecraft records and working together to create a research paper and a 14-minute film summarizing a two-month investigation into his speed runs. 

Some have accused Dream of speed-running cheating after the study demonstrated the severe improbability of some runs owing to the randomized nature of specific things in Minecraft.

Dream adamantly refuted the accusations then and hasn’t confessed any wrongdoing. He expressed sorrow for his quick response: “I handled the issue poorly when it first came out. 

Dream said, “I should have shut off all my devices for a couple of days and been like, OK, let me not react with emotion,” when asked how he thinks he should have handled the situation.

Dream still struggles with challenges related to the greater fan base today. Admirers specifically claim that he hasn’t taken sufficient action to discourage his admirers from bullying other individuals online in the past.

How Dream IRL Gained a Huge Following On YouTube?

Users build their block-based universes in the video game Minecraft. Players must combat demons in this game, and Dream IRL produces movies while you play. Before sharing them, Dream IRL records his gameplay videos and then amicably dissects them.

The “Greatest Minecraft Moves Yet!” and “The Biggest Minecraft Building Ever” recording has over 49 million downloads. Almost every day, Dream IRL only releases one video. This movie will last five minutes, but it might go on longer.

In 191 different countries, the movie has been seen 3.5 billion times. In the video game business, Dream IRL has made a name for itself as a prominent Minecraft YouTuber.

What is the worth of Dream IRL on YouTube?

Dream IRL makes money from his recordings and the commercials that play while people watch them. He gets roughly 6 pence for every 1,100 views. He earns $7,000 for each million hits. 


Dream IRL has over 2 million followers and 1.1 billion viewers, among the most popular Minecraft YouTubers. His fan base may increase daily, and he might get 20 to 50 million viewers on a single stream. His devotion to the Minecraft YouTube channel reveals his love for the title. He and his friends often broadcast movies, as one may observe.

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