What Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Device Is On My WiFi?

What Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Device Is On My WiFi

As we all know, we live in the AI and internet era. Superpower China has already proclaimed the twenty-first century the “Century of Advancement and Technology.” China not only supplies the greatest solutions for IOT-based products but also for the whole electronics sector. 

With the aid of wireless technologies and IOT-based systems, all types of data are being sent around the globe. The Shenzhen device, made by Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Co Pvt, is a wireless device utilized in WiFi adapters and as a wireless module in IOT-based systems.

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Introduction Of Shenzhen Bilian Electronics

 Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Company, an R&D and market facility base, was founded in 1997 in Shenzhen’s Longhua New District. Both Wireless N Routers and Wireless N Adapters are available. The company employs over 1,000 people and has earned ISO14001, ISO9001, the National High-tech Enterprise Certificate, the Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Certificate, and the Standing Director Unit Certificate from the Shenzhen Electronic Society.

China and the entire globe are familiar with Shenzhen Bilian Electronic. Like your sophisticated house, sophisticated city network hardware, sophisticated smart society, sophisticated smart device software, and sophisticated smart device facilities that provide a WiFi internet connection. The primary goods produced by Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Corporation Limited are switches from LB-LINK, WiFi modules, and other goods.

Other products offered by Shenzhen Bilian include Ethernet Switches, Wireless USB Cards, Wireless Routers, Wireless Adapters, Wireless Card Modules, Wireless USB Cards, High-gain Outdoor LAN, Wireless Express Cards, Network Card Modules, Wireless Transmission, and more.

Why is the Shenzhen Bilian Device connected to my WiFi?

Shenzhen Bilian PVT LTD is a manufacturer of various networking and wireless equipment. Therefore, whether you use a Shenzhen gadget or not, it may be connected to your WiFi for various reasons. These are a few of the causes.

Samsung Users

Samsung uses Shenzhen Bilian wireless modules in its products. You can identify the device if any Samsung gadget is linked to your WiFi.

MAC Address

Many devices attempt to attach using secure MAC Addresses for security. Entering the WIFI choices will allow you to check for this quickly. Move to reset it. We’ll take out the Shenzhen Device that’s connected.

Sharing WIFI With Others

You can identify this problem by sharing your internet or WIFI connection with your neighbour. We are aware that computers and network devices worldwide use MAC addresses. Your neighbour may use any device with a MAC address connected to a Shenzhen device.

How to Recognize a Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Product?

Use a MAC address scanner, such as Advanced IP Scanner, to determine which device is Shenzhen Bilian Electronic. However, the scanner could display the device’s IP address and the manufacturer’s name.

In this situation, you have to go with another alternative route. This implies that you should perform the scan while turning off each device one at a time to check whether it appears. This is the sole identification method if the device has no associated name.

Methods Of Removing Shenzhen Bilian Device From Your WiFi

When you remove or unplug one of the Shenzhen billion electrical gadgets connected to your WiFi, you’ll soon realize it reconnects independently without your knowledge or consent. The gadget continuously reconnects on its own. Your home gadget connects through a wire, not WiFi, to an internet router, maybe due to Shenzhen Bilian Electronic.

Additionally, applicants will see that it will never request permission. Alternatively, your network and a Shenzhen Bilian Electronic device should connect via an Android app. It doesn’t ask for your consent in this instance. The gadget readily and automatically connects to WiFi until you interrupt or end that direct connection.

Identifying the particular device made by Shenzhen Bilian Electronic

You must scan an address to identify this device from Shenzhen Bilian Electronic correctly. The manufacturer and the IP address of that specific gadget are both displayed in the findings.

Alternatively, you may choose one of the devices sequentially as you do the scan, enabling you to recognize the specific device connected to Shenzhen Bilian Electronic.

A new WiFi password

You must sign in to your router to correctly update the WiFi password. Click the WiFi tab on the router’s online settings page. Once you save a new password, if you plan to do this over a wireless connection, you will be cut off. Therefore, it’s crucial to remember to record it.

MAC filtration

This method of Shenzhen Bilian Electronic WiFi removal is more challenging. The advanced tab allows you to view this. Before you can copy the addresses of the Shenzhen Bilian Electronic, you must first examine all linked devices.

Click Add after going to Mac filtering, directly pasting the address into the Mac box. You have successfully prevented the address from showing up on your WiFi.

What Shenzhen Bilian Device is connected to my WiFi, and how can I check that?

You may check for connected devices through your WiFi router’s web interface. Look for choices like “connected devices,” “attached devices,” or “DHCP Clients” on the WIFI settings screen. You can find the following options in different WIFI routers:

  1. Some routers will provide you with a DHCP list of the currently connected devices.
  2. You may locate a button to retrieve a list of attached devices in many Comcast Xfinity Routers below the “Attached Devices” option.
  3. The list of connected devices is visible on the main screen of D-Link routers.
  4. The list may be found under DHCP clients in some circumstances, such as when using a Linksys router.

Why is Shenzhen Bilian Electronics The Best? 

Shenzhen Bilian Electronics, on the other hand, firmly handles the superiority check of every device or product based on the well-equipped labs with access to spectrum meters, network analyzers, high and low-temperature checking tools, smog testing devices, vibration checking tools, low-temperature ageing cases and high-pressure calculator, as well as high-temperature ageing rooms.

Shenzhen Bilian Electronics Corporation Limited also distributes goods with altered facilities or services within China and beyond. Shenzhen Bilian Electronics Corporation Limited also utilizes several SMT production lines, which offer superior and maximum efficiency, testing lines, wave welding DIP lines, assembly lines, and other manufacturing services, including ageing rooms and RF protection rooms, to meet all requirements.

What Other Products Is Shenzhen Producing?

The largest Chinese corporation in the world, Shenzhen Bilian, offers the following services and goods to consumers and businesses:

WiFi router.

Bluetooth Adapters.

Device from Shenzhen Wireless.

Switches for Ethernet.

A USB module.

Bluetooth Card Module.

Specialized software.

Express Card for Wireless.

High-gain outdoor LAN.

USB wireless cards.

Modules for LAN.

Modules for network cards.

USB WLAN Module.

Transmission over wireless.

Intelligent Networking Devices.


Research and development (R&D), production, and sales of network communication devices are all expertly handled by Shenzhen Bilian Electronics Corporation Limited. It also contains commercially available items like switches, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee modules, routers, smart wireless routers, AC controllers, AC + AP corporate WiFi systems, smart cloud wireless adapters, and more. 

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