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Working on your abs is a great way to enhance your physical appearance and benefit your general health. Your posture, balance, and even back pain can all be improved by having strong abs. Regular abs exercises help strengthen the muscles in and around your torso and abs, protecting your organs and boosting personal power.

Strong abdominal muscles not only make you look good, but they also help safeguard you from accidents in daily life and while engaging in activities like sports or running that call for additional core strength. A healthy and fit lifestyle requires including Abs exercises as part of a general exercise program.

If you’re looking for a free ab workout to add to your routine this week, look no further! Daisy Keech is here to help. Daisy Keech is one of the popular Abs Workout Instructors. She has been popular due to her best hourglass workout.

This article will discuss Daisy Keech’s Hourglass Workout moves that you can do at home. These exercises are simple and easy to follow and require no equipment. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

What does Daisy Keech suggest to people while following her Abs Workout Plan?

The plank is the first exercise that Daisy Keech suggests. Before performing this exercise, get on your hands and knees and straighten your legs into a push-up position. Keep your abdominal muscles properly engaged throughout as long as you can hold this position. Work on maintaining the plank for a longer period as your strength increases.

The bicycle crunch is another excellent ab exercise that Daisy Keech suggests. When you alternately raise one leg while twisting at the waist to touch your elbow to the opposite knee, you should be lying flat on your back with your knees bent. Repeat the process while switching sides until you feel the burn!

Daisy Keech advises including exercises like leg raises, Russian twists, mountain climbers, and these core-strengthening moves in your workout routine. You can achieve the killer six-pack of your dreams with just a few easy exercises, commitment, and consistency!

So why are you still waiting? Start your ab workout regimen right away with Daisy Keech’s advice. Your beach body for the summer is just around the corner!

Daisy Keech Hourglass Workout

Daisy Keech published her hourglass glass workout in 2020 on her YouTube Channel. Since then, her hourglass video has been watched by many people and now has over 15 Million views on it. Let’s explore her amazing hourglass workout plan!

1. Basic Crunches – 1 Minute

Basic crunches consist of 1 minute. To perform a crunch, begin by lying on your back with your lower back flat against the floor. Keech crosses her legs and raises them to a tabletop position for her crunches exercise. Engage your abdominal muscles and crunch your torso toward your knees while holding your hands on either side of your head. Repeat from the original position.

 2. Bicycle Kicks – 1 Minute

Bicycle Kicks consist of 1 minute. To do a bicycle kick:

  1. Lay on the floor with your back flat against the surface to perform a bicycle kick.
  2. Raise your shoulders off the ground and place your hands next to your head.
  3. Lift your legs off the ground while bending your knees.
  4. Straighten your left leg while bringing your right knee towards your chest; as your right knee rises, turn your body, so your left elbow touches your right knee.
  5. Ensure your legs and shoulders stay off the ground throughout the exercise. Repeat on the opposite side.

3. Jack Knives – 1 Minute 15/side

Initially, for the Jack Knives, lie on your back. Like a toe touch, you perform this exercise while lowering your torso and extending your arms above your head, keeping your neck off the floor between touches. Initially, lie on your back.

Engage your abs to lift your arms and legs as if you were attempting to touch your toes, with your arms extended behind your head and your legs straight and a few inches off the ground. Hold, then revert to the initial position by lowering yourself.

 4. Russian Twists – 1 Minute

Knees should be bent as you sit on the floor to perform the Russian Twists exercise. In this 1 minute, lean back, lift your legs off the floor, and keep your back straight. As far as you can without touching the ground, twist to one side, then to the other.

5. Toe Taps – 1 Minute

A traditional Pilates exercise that engages the rectus and crosses the abdominals is toe-tapping. Put your legs in a tabletop position to start. Lower your right leg and tap your toe on the floor while maintaining a bent knee. Keep your left leg perched atop the table. Reverse the motion, then do it on the other side.

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6. Bicycle Crunches – 1 Minute 15/side

Lying on your back, bend one leg at the hip and place the other foot against your knee to create the appearance of bicycle kicks. To touch the bent knee, press the opposite elbow into the joint—30 seconds on each side, or 15 repetitions per side.

7. Scissor Kicks – 1 Minute

Raise your legs to a 45-degree angle while keeping your lower back firmly against the floor to perform scissor kicks. Kick your legs to the side while contracting your core, switching which leg is on top.

8. Reverse Crunches – 1 Minute

Lie on your back with your legs in a tabletop position to perform a reverse crunch in 1 minute. Lift your hips off the ground, and your legs back up over your chest by contracting your core and breathing. As you return to your starting position, exhale.

9. Butterfly Kicks – 1 Minute

Lay on the floor with your back pressed into it and your arms by your sides to perform butterfly kicks. Legs should be at a 45-degree angle from the ground after being raised to the ceiling and lowered. To simulate swimming, keep this movement small and kick your legs up and down.

Final Verdict

A solid core benefits overall health and can lessen the risk of accidents. The ideal sit-up involves properly aligning the spine and using the entire body, not just the abs. Concentrating on compound exercises that engage multiple muscle groups to tone your stomach would be best.

Crunches, planks, and Pilates exercises are some of the best ab exercises for women. Diet and exercise are necessary for losing love handles; try increasing your protein intake and incorporating HIIT workouts into your exercise program.

The best time to exercise to tone your abs is in the morning because there are fewer distractions during the day. Check out this Daisy Keech ab workout for a challenging yet effective routine you can do at home!

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