Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer (

Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents are not like other types of accidents. They can happen in a variety of ways. However, because of their size and weight, these accidents result in high fatalities. Semis and tractor tailors are some commercial trucks that are very heavy and large tractors that people widely use.

Jackknife accidents, deadly rollover collisions, tire blowouts and wide-turn crashes are the most common truck crashes that often happen here and there. Therefore, drivers frequently need special training to properly handle a truck’s lack of maneuverability.

Truck accidents in Chicago are prevalent these days. Anyone injured in a Chicago truck accident must have faced a decreased income, mounting medical bills, and, of course, a massive decrease in the quality of life, leading to a loss of meaning and purpose in a person’s life.

Accidents, such as Automobile accidents, are hazardous as they lead to severe injury and damage to one’s life. However, a truck collision accident turns out to be more significant damage and more injury, ultimately leading to longer recovery time for the injured person.

These types of truck accidents require proper dealing, and a lawsuit attorney is mandatory. For this purpose, a lawsuit in Illinois seeks to recover the highest amount of money for your injuries from a trucking accident permitted by Illinois law.

The attorneys at Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers are here to contact you immediately for a free consultation so that you can speak with a knowledgeable truck accident attorney about your legal rights and options, get support for any wrongful legal death, and recover the most money possible for your personal injuries.

Let’s dig in further in this article about the hiring Chicago truck accident lawyer and the causes and consequences that occur due to these truck accidents.

Reasons for Chicago Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are hazardous. An accident due to any of the trucks can lead to severe injury and damage to any injured person. Following are a few common reasons that lead to Chicago truck accidents:

  1. Vehicle braking: They occur due to loud grinding noises, leaking fluid, burning smells, etc.
  2. Roadway unfamiliarity: This often occurs due to the driver’s mistake as he gets distracted by checking GPS repeatedly, map and navigation apps.
  3. Inadequate surveillance: It usually occurs when the driver either fails to look in the proper location or looks but does not see.
  4. Inattention: The driver here needs to focus on the activity (or activities) most important for driving safely, but he fails to do so, and the damage occurs.
  5. Fast driving: Sometimes, the driver gets into a race with the other person driving a truck, and due to this racing, the driver can’t focus on the road conditions and keeps his life in danger.

The above reasons lead to more severe damage to a person’s life during the truck accident in Chicago.

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How Risky Are Truck Accidents in Chicago?

Accidents involving trucks can be hazardous. A large truck can weigh up to 8,000 pounds, compared to a car’s average weight of just over 4,000 pounds. A fully loaded semi-truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, or 40 tons. Therefore, this variance in the weight and size of a truck can lead to dangerous truck accidents. Following are some common injuries that have mostly occurred with people who face truck accidents in Chicago.

  • Neck injuries.
  • Head injuries, such as trauma to the brain.
  • Burns.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Herniated discs.
  • Wrists injuries, such as tendon damage.
  • Compression fractures.
  • Etc.

The risk of accompanying destruction, such as chemical spills, fires, flying objects, and truck or car rollovers, exists in addition to the risk of injuries sustained in the collision. Incidental threats can frequently occur when a large truck is involved, significantly if the truck is damaged or carrying dangerous chemicals.


To transport freight, a semi-trailer truck, also called a semi-truck, consists of a tractor unit and one or more semi-trailers. A fifth wheel is a type of hitch that is used to connect a semi-trailer to the tractor.

The semi-trucks are considered unsafe trucks. Due to this, the trucking laws say that drivers should be on duty for only 11 hours and not more than that. If any driver fails to follow these rules, he then gets to pay the fine, or his license gets suspended, and even if he still fails to follow, he ends up in jail. 

Truck drivers also need to take breaks during their working hours. Moreover, every trucking business must also abide by each state’s laws and highway safety regulations, which cover the qualifications of its truck drivers, vehicle upkeep, and insurance needs.

Handling of Semi-truck when it gets hit

Whenever a semi-truck gets hit, it becomes complicated to manage the situation. Therefore, the following measures are required to take immediately to handle these challenging situations:

  1.  Immediately call the police. 
  2. Remember to report the truck accident to the police nearby.
  3. Call your insurance for any assistance that is required in that problematic situation.
  4. Get the license number and other necessary contact details of the truck driver.
  5. Seek immediate medical treatment if any injury is caused to you due to the truck accident.

Select the Best Truck Accident Attorneys

It would be best to have assistance with your personal injury case from knowledgeable truck accident attorneys because you are understandably overwhelmed by the difficulties of your commercial vehicle accident claim.

Truck collisions are more complicated than other collisions, like car collisions, because of the logistics industry’s commercial context and the insurance firms that defend it. When passenger cars and SUVs are involved in truck accidents, multiple parties are typically at fault, and this often puts everyone in danger.

Also, most commonly, it happens that these entities are basically corporations. A weak point in this matter is that most entities have experience in fending off injury, wrongful death claims, and truck accident lawsuits. 

Final Words

Truck accidents are very harmful. Many people these days get injured in truck accidents. They get too much injured, or sometimes, a wrongful death is plotted against them, which risks an injured person’s life. Truck accidents in Chicago happen most often.

Therefore, to deal with such types of accidents, hiring the right truck accident lawyers is crucial. The article mentioned above clearly tells us everything that is needed to be taken into measure whenever any truck accidents occur in Chicago.

Moreover, remember to immediately hire an injury lawyer so that you can easily discuss the prospects of your case with them and get further guidance from them.  The Chicago Accident lawyers handle all personal injury cases involving tractor-trailer accidents and other large commercial vehicles on a contingency fee basis.

This guarantee ensures that we only get paid by a client for our work if we successfully get them a settlement or verdict. Therefore, always look out for the lawsuit in these situations so that you can get immediate measures to take in any truck accident in Chicago.

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