StatsforSpotify: Ultimate Guide to analyse my Statistics


According to the statistical analysis, there are more than 2.1 million active users of Shopify. It is the biggest music streaming platform in the world. Its users love toenjoy their listening routines, music twists, favorite creators, or artists.

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Is it not a headache to wait for a year to make an analysis, isn’t t? So, as one of the most active users of this app, I’ll highly recommend this tool to get entertained. This blog explains the ultimate guide to seeing my Shopify stats that will help analyze yours.

Let’s dive in!

How Can I See My Stats on Spotify (300)

  • Several websites can help you know your most streamed songs on Spotify. Some of them are:
  • website

Check Spotify on a PC

Step 1) Open your PC

Step 2) Click Spotify appears on your desktop or web

Step 3) Now click on your username appearing at the top-right corner of your website. Click “Profile” from the dropdown list to access your Spotify profile.

Step 4) When your profile page appears, scroll down and see the current month’s top artists and top tracks. They will provide you with a list of 10 artists and 50 playlists.

Only a few songs will be provided on the front page. To view the list of 50 top month tracks, click the “See All” button to check your most-streamed song on Spotify.

Check Spotify for Apple or Android

Step 1) Open the Spotify app from your phone.

Step 2) Press the Settings icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Click on the “Recently played artists” optionin the”Social” settings and enable it.

Step 3) Now tap on your username at the top to view your profile. You will now see the recently played artists in the given section.

Step 4) You may press the “See all” button to view the complete list.

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How to View Spotify Stats With

Stats for Spotify is one of the most used “stats” sites to search your favorite playlists.

Step 1) Search on google “stats for”

Step 2) Log in to your Spotify account through it, and you can see your favorite artists, songs, and genres from the last month, six months, or all time. To create a playlist, tap on the create playlist button to make a playlist with all your most played songs.

Is stats for Spotify Safe?

Stats for Spotify is entirely safe to use. They aren’t directly logging into your account or using other data to provide the stats. This uses Spotify’s API to gather and analyze your google stats for Spotify. The Spotify API is maintained by Spotify and is used by app developers.

Simply: Use StatsForSpotify as using this website. Your data is entirely safe because Spotify will use its database instead of your account data.


How to Check My Top Tracks Using the Spotify App?

Using the methods discussed above, you may check Spotify stats using your PC, apple, or android through their website. certain other websites mentioned above also help you to keep a check on your top tracks. and you do not have to search for them again and again

What data does Stats for Spotify Use?

Don’t worry, Spotify will only rely on the site database and uses history to make it. To ensure that, you may see it all again if you re-connect your account. Instead of deleting the complete database, Spotify will only remove the small bit of information on StatsFrSpotify.

If you delete your account, all the data on Spotify’s stats will be automatically removed from your Spotify account.


Spotify will analyze the taste of your music by tracking your history data and this way it will explore more and will suggest many similar songs to you. Spotify is my favorite because I can easily find my most played songs on Spotify. You might find the above information helpful. Choose the better option according to your feasibility.

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