Search Google “I’m feeling curious” Tips and Tricks.

i'm feeling curious

Do you recognize the situation when you are alone in your home or workplace and bored out of your mind? No matter how hard you try to get rid of that boredom, it just won’t go away. Google might have something that can help you in times like these. “I’m feeling curious” is a fun and exciting feature that Google has introduced in its search engine. It will keep you entertained and occupied for quite some time.

For this, you just have to open your Google browser and type “I’m feeling curious” in the search bar. Google will then pull out an interesting random fact from Wikipedia or other sites. To read another random interesting fact like the first one, you’d have to keep pressing “Ask another question,” and Google will keep retrieving them for you.

What is I’m feeling curious?

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I’m feeling curious

It’s an entertaining Google feature created by Andrew Ng. This tool can help you find random amusing facts, articles or content. You can find many interesting facts or articles using search algorithms, keywords and filters. These search results could be specific if you use other feelings instead of “curious.” The other I’m curious findings will be discussed further in the article.

This Google tool allows you to ask Google for something amusing and captivating to read on a specific topic or issue. Instead of random search results, you’ll find several helpful articles related to your problem. Regardless of your query, it’ll deliver you content on everything you can think about, like statistics, software updates, artificial intelligence, etc.

For example, suppose you want to find helpful information about Deep Learning. In that case, you can filter your search results for specific topics, such as Deep Learning and Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI, focusing on news related to recent evolution, etc. it will provide you articles filtered by subjects. Using this Google extension, Google will dig deep to find your keyword-related search results instantly.

History of I’m feeling curious

This cool Google feature was first introduced in 2015. Google developed it to make the browsing experience more convenient for users. You can understand the significance of “I’m feeling curious” through the announcement made by Google that this feature is not the same as other features of Google.

It’s been eight years since it was released, and since then, it has provided fun and informative information to Google users.

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What happens when you type “I’m feeling curious”

When you type or speak “I’m feeling curious” in the search bar of your Google search engine, it will immediately throw an endless stream of amusing and exciting tidbits toward you. It will also happen if you type just “fun facts” into the search bar.

Search Engine Land first discovered this Google feature, which was later organized for UK citizens’ use. Visitors of will receive interesting facts from British Publications such as: How big is the London Eye? The answer, courtesy of The Daily Telegraph website, is 443ft (or 135m).

According to my experience, no matter how many times you ask Google to deliver random cool facts and articles, they will not repeat. Every time I found something new and equally exciting. After you read and enjoy the first fact, a button will appear at the bottom through which you can ask another question.

Here are some examples of random questions I’ve had answered by Google

  • How long have sharks been in the ocean?

Four hundred fifty million years, apparently. Surprised they’re not more wrinkly.

  • Which is the most burdensome stone?

Diamonds, which was not my guess: Steve, the former Notts Forest midfielder

How does it work?

When you type or speak “I’m feeling curious” or “fun facts” on Google’s search bar and press enter, a box will appear on your screen. This box will contain a random interesting fact along with its question. For example, the question can be, “how many types of traffic signals are there in the world?” Written below will be its answer and the link to the website from where this fact is obtained. You can visit the link for further information.

Right below the box will be a blue tab with “ask another question” written on it, and you know the drill by now. Click on it to read equally entertaining content.

i’m feeling curious

Features of I’m feeling curious

The following are some in-depth features of Google’s most popular and cool trick.

It’s informative

You can spend all your free time learning exciting and educational facts you are not taught in your school. The information is unlimited, and your general knowledge will improve more than you anticipate. You can also refine your search results by using keywords.

You can get answers to questions that have been lingering in your mind forever, but you don’t know their response, such as “is sign language is same in all countries?” it is a valid question for whom you don’t know the answer.

It paves the way to other Google tricks

I’m feeling curious can unveil several other Google tricks and tips. Because Google has plenty of browsing tricks, many people still need to learn. One such trick is “Get local time anywhere.” It allows you to see the local time of any city worldwide. Google wants you to take advantage of its similar useful tricks so you can take benefit of its every aspect.

Other cool “I’m feeling curious” finds

With this feature, Google gives you an opportunity to know the answer to an interesting question. When you write about your curious feelings in the box, a random amusing question and its answer will appear for your entertainment. When it started becoming increasingly popular, people began to come up with other similar tricks as well. You can also try them if you want something interesting to read in your spare time.

  • I’m feeling steller
  • I’m feeling wonderful
  • I’m feeling trendy
  • I’m feeling hungry
  • I’m feeling puzzled
  • I’m feeling Doodley
  • I’m feeling hungry
  • I’m feeling thirsty
  • I’m feeling artistic
  • I’m feeling generous

Benefits of I’m feeling curious

  • I’m feeling curious Google feature can come with an anxiety reduction and motivation booster feature. That is extremely helpful if you are tired of your crippling feeling of anxiety. Just ask yourself, “what do I want to do now?” and start exploring it with this Google Chrome extension.
  • This Google feature will not ask you questions that can jeopardize your privacy or make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, it will just ask, “What do you feel like doing?” and then give you suggestions accordingly.
  • The people who created I’m feeling curious also developed the game “pollywog.” Through this game, you can solve problems like an Algernon-type program rather than an algebraic expression. This feature is excellent if you like to spend your free time doing different activities with other people instead of spending time alone.

What should be done if “I’m feeling curious” is not working?

If you are not getting any search results after typing, I’m feeling curious in Google’s search bar; you should close your browser and then open it again. Hopefully, it will deliver you random interesting facts, but if the problem continues, it means that your browser’s cache is full. Clear it by following the given instructions.

1. Open your browser’s history. A shortcut method is pressing Ctrl + H simultaneously.
2. Click on the “Clear Browsing Data” button.

“I’m feeling curious” Tips and Tricks

This Google extension could be highly beneficial if you are a content creator. You can ask Google questions about your work, and it will give you answers as comments on the article.

People love “I’m feeling curious” because it starts with a search engine asking them a simple question: How old are you? Users can use this feature to get more information about a particular topic.

With the help of Google’s machine learning algorithm, you can receive the most related and accurate answers to your queries.

Some fun search results of “I’m feeling curious”

  • One of the most common questions asked was if Earth rotates throughout the sun, then it takes how many miles per hour? That is a very common question, but nobody seems to know its correct answer. It travels around 24,898 miles in an hour around the sun.
  • What causes hair to turn red? This kind of question is frequently asked in the United States and Ireland. Red hairs are caused by the genes named MC1R. Natural red hairs are rare, and only 1% to 2% of the world’s population have them. That will also mean if both of your parents have red hair, that doesn’t mean you, too, have it.
  • By just throwing a ball, can a goalkeeper score a goal? Even hardcore football fans don’t know its answer. The answer is that there is no specific rule for this, as the play resumes when the goalkeeper throws the ball.
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