How to Use 40k Cavitation Machine at Home? Best Guide 2023

How to Use 40k Cavitation Machine at Home

Using a 40K cavitation machine at home can be an effective way to target stubborn fat and improve the appearance of your skin. However, it’s essential to use this machine correctly to ensure both safety and effectiveness.

Anyways, it is simple to use; you just need to clean your treat area, apply a gel, and move the probe in a circular motion for a targeted period. 

In this article, we’ll be providing a detailed guide on how to use a 40K cavitation machine at home, along with tips and safety precautions.

Materials You Required to Use Cavitation Machine

To use a cavitation machine at home, you need such materials.

  1. Cavitation machine
  2. Ultrasound gel
  3. Clean cloth
  4. Measuring tape (optional)
  5. Timer

Step-by-step Guide To Using Cavitation Machine at Home

Cavitation machines can be used on many parts of our body. For example, face, arms, back, thighs, waist, stomach, legs etc. But sometimes people are not using it properly. Here are the important steps to use a cavitation machine at home.

1. Take a Pre-treatment

Before starting any treatment, you should follow pre-care and after-care instructions to avoid complications, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or any vitamins that are responsible for thinning the blood 72 hours before treatment. 

Besides, hydrate yourself by taking enough water and detoxing 24 hours before treatment (detox twice a week for long-lasting results), and avoid eating any food before 2 hours.

2. Read the User Manual Thoroughly

It is a most crucial step while using any type of machine. It will provide specific instructions and safety guidelines to prevent accidents, burns, or injuries during use. It includes detailed information on how to use the machine correctly, with setting techniques, which can help to achieve the best results from your treatment.

3. Prepare the Area of Cavitation

First, clean the area where you want to apply the cavitation treatment and dry it. Ensure the area you will use is clean and free of any lotions, oils, or other substances. You can lay down a clean towel, tissue paper, or sheet to catch any excess ultrasound gel.

4. Apply the Ultrasound Gel to the Area

Now, another important step is applying a generous amount of ultrasound gel to the area that you want to treat. You need to choose a gel that should be specifically formulated for medical such as water-based, hypoallergenic, and free from fragrances or dyes. 

 It serves as a conductive medium for the transmission of ultrasound waves and ensures that the energy from the cavitation machine is efficiently reached to the treatment area. It offers a smooth and frictionless surface for the probe to glide over the skin, preventing discomfort and skin irritation.

If you do not use this gel, a gap can develop between the probe and the skin, leading to air bubbles that restrict the transmission of waves and the effectiveness of the treatment. 

Note: When using a cavitation machine, it’s important to choose the right type of oil or gel to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. Aloe Vera Gel, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid Serum are some of the best options for oils and gels to use with a cavitation machine if Ultrasound Gel is not available. 

5. Turn on the Machine

Adjust the time and place the cavitation probe on the treatment area. Plug in the cavitation machine and turn it on according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It may have different power settings, so start with the lowest setting and gradually increase it as needed.

6. Set the Duration of the Treatment

The recommended treatment time may vary depending on the machine and the area you are treating. A fat cavitation treatment usually lasts 30-40 minutes in an area. However, when you start using the machine, we suggest taking short sessions, typically around 10-15 minutes per area. Over time, you can gradually increase the duration as your skin becomes habitual to the treatment.

7. Start the Treatment by Using Probe

Hold the cavitation handpiece against your skin and move it in a slow, circular motion over the treatment area. Keep the handpiece in constant contact with your skin to ensure even treatment. Its circular motion reduces fat in the human body by vibrating and destroying fat cells.

8. Monitor and Feel Sensations

You may feel warm or tingling during treatment, but this should not be painful. If you experience discomfort, reduce the intensity or stop the treatment.

9. Consider the Post-treatment Care

Once you’re done, It’s a good idea to measure the treated area with a measuring tape before and after each session to track your progress. 

After the session, wipe off any excess gel from your skin with a clean cloth. Regular cavitation is excellent for reducing cellulite and adipose fat. It improves the shape contour of the body

10. Drink Plenty of Water

Drink plenty of water after treatment to flush out toxins from your body. It will help to keep your body hydrated and keep your skin healthy, soothe the skin, reduce redness, and promote a faster recovery.

Drinking plenty of water can improve the overall effectiveness of cavitation treatments and leave excellent results. 

11. Setting Up the Frequency of Treatment

The frequency of treatment may vary depending on your goals and the recommendations in the user manual. 

Approximately 30KHz – 40KHz is the ideal frequency range to achieve this effect because (1) the wavelength is long enough to penetrate deep into the fat layers and (2) high enough energy to disrupt the fat cell membranes. 

Typically, people start with several treatments per week and then reduce the frequency as they see results.

Safety Precautions to Follow While Using Cavitation Machine

A few points to consider while treatment are a follow

  • Avoid using the machine on broken or irritated skin.
  • Keep the machine away from sensitive areas, such as the eyes and genitals.
  • Avoid using in case of pregnancy, pacemaker, or have certain medical conditions.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s manual for complete guidelines and maintain the longevity of your device.

Benefits of Using a Cavitation Machine

Using a cavitation machine can offer several potential benefits, which are mentioned as

  • The machine ultrasound waves break down and liquefy fat cells
  • Reduction in localized fat deposits
  • Help to contour the body and create a slimmer appearance.
  • Cavitation treatments are non-invasive.
  • Painless and comfortable.
  • Doesn’t leave behind any scars or visible marks on the skin
  • Sessions are usually relatively short and convenient for busy schedules.
  • Stimulate collagen production, resulting in improved skin.

Side Effects of Cavitation

Despite this low-risk procedure, you may be experiencing some mild side effects.

  • Bruising or Redness. After lipo cavitation treatment, bruising or redness of the skin may be noticeable within the first few hours.
  • Thirst
  • Skin Sensitivity
  • Skin Irregularities
  • Headaches


The effectiveness of cavitation treatments varies from person to person, and it may take time to get results. You will need patience, but it will help to reduce fat, promote blood circulation, and tighten the skin. 

Weekly treatment is the most practical for most people, but treatment twice a week, for people who want faster results, is equally effective. However, the course and timing of treatment usually varies with different age, weight, treatment areas, and physical conditions. 

Always prioritize safety, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, and consult a healthcare professional if you have any underlying health concerns.

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