How to Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat In 2023.

How to Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat

Snapchat is a phone app that came out in 2011. It is different because it lets you send pictures and videos that disappear after your friends see them. You can also make a “Story” with pictures and videos that last for one day only. 

Using Snapchat is fun because you can add cool effects to your pictures and videos, like filters and funny masks. In Snapchat, there is also a part called “Discover” where you can see short news and stories, and a map to see where your friends are.

The Butterflies Lens is one of the most popular filters currently available on the Snapchat app. Lots of people are using the butterfly effect in their Snapchat pictures, you probably want to figure out how to use the butterfly lens too then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you how to unlock this filter.

What are Snapchat lenses?

We are here to talk about getting that butterfly filter on Snapchat. But first, let me explain what Snapchat lenses are. Think of them as these special filters that can add cool effects to your photos and videos.

When you pick one of these lenses, your phone’s camera looks at your face or whatever you are taking a picture of, and then it adds those cool effects right away. 

Snapchat has lots of different lenses, from simple ones that are cute to others that can change how you look or what is around you. Some of them are like little cartoons that move and react when you move or do something. Others are just like pictures that do not change they just add a little effect to your pictures or videos.

It is very easy to use just open Snapchat’s camera, and then tap on your face or the screen, and keep your finger there until you see all these lenses show up at the bottom. After that, you can swipe to the left or right to see all the different lenses and pick the one you like.

What is Butterfly Filter on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a cool app where you can share pictures and videos with fun stuff like silly faces and cool effects? You can talk with your friends through messages, calls, or by sending fun stickers and pictures. People like Snapchat because it is a playful way to talk and share their day, especially young people.

Snapchat is famous for having some very special features, like those fancy AR filters, which they call lenses. These lenses can make your photos and videos go from plain to super exciting.

Snapchat is a fun app where you can send pictures and videos. It has these cool features that make your pictures more interesting, like turning you into a puppy or giving you funny glasses.

They just added a new thing where you can put fluttering butterflies in your pictures. These “Butterfly Filters” are like magic stickers. When you put one on your face in a picture, they follow you around as you move. 

When you use this butterfly filter on your camera, it is really cool because the butterflies will act like they are real. So, if you move around, they will fly with you too. Some butterflies might seem like they are just stuck in one place, like little stickers on your face.

The butterfly filter on Snapchat is really popular right now. Loads of Snapchat users, even famous celebrities, are using it and sharing their pictures on places like Instagram. 

But the problem is, when you try to find the Paper Butterfly lens by JP Pirie in the Snapchat app, you might get into a little problem. That is because there are other filters with the same name, making it a bit tricky to find the exact one you want. Continue reading as we will guide you on how you can unlock the Butterflies lens on your Snapchat.

How to Unlock Butterfly Filter on Snapchat?

Snapchat has lots of lenses, over 2.5 million. when a lens becomes popular, many people make similar ones using Lens Studio. So, finding the very first one can be a bit hard. With so many butterfly filters on Snapchat these days, it is hard to spot the one that is both original and popular.

If you are new to Snapchat, do not worry, unlocking lenses can be easy once you know how. To get the Butterflies Lens, just follow the following steps:

Unlock by Using Snap Code 

Snap Codes are like secret codes that Snapchat uses to share special things only, like the fun Butterflies Lens. 

First, open Snapchat on your phone. Then, go to the part of Snapchat where you can see what your camera sees. 

Look for the little camera icon on the right-side menu and tap it. Now, using your Snapchat camera, scan the Snapcode you have got, whether it is on your phone or your computer. This is how you connect the Snapcode to your Snapchat and get access to the butterflies lens or other cool filters.

Once you have scanned it, the Butterflies Lens will be unlocked, and you will see those butterflies flying around. To play with it, just tap on the Butterflies Lens and enjoy watching the fluttering butterflies in your Snap. 

Unlock by Searching on Snapchat

To get that butterfly mood lens on Snapchat, start by opening the app on your phone. Look for the explore icon at the bottom, which looks like a search icon, and give it a tap. 

This will take you to a place with lots of filters and lenses. Now, type “butterfly lens” in the search box at the top, and press enter. If you can not find it with that, try other words like “butterfly,” “butterfly filter,” or “butterfly vivek”. Once you have found the butterfly lens you want, just tap on it to use it in your pictures and videos.

Unlock by Searching from Snapchat Web

First, search using your web browser. Look for the search bar at the top-left corner of the page and type in words like “butterfly” or “butterfly lens.” 

You will see a list of different lenses made by people. Pick one that catches your eye and use your Snapchat app to scan its Snapcode. 

That is when the Butterflies lens will appear on your camera screen. Now, have fun trying out different lenses until you find the one you like best for your pictures and videos.


Snapchat is all about having fun with cool lenses like the popular Butterflies Lens. Snapchat is more than just a place for sharing pictures; it is a way to stay in touch with friends. They make your regular photos and videos much more interesting

Getting your hands on the Butterflies Lens is easy, and we have talked about a few different ways to do it. You can use Snap Codes or just search for it right in the Snapchat app, or even on Snapchat’s website. 

Snapchat also has some really unique filters that you should try out It is a great way to make your snaps really unique and amazing.

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