How is 1970’s fashion making a comeback?

How is 1970’s fashion making a comeback

Nowadays, as more and more people are striving to make an impression with their clothing choices, it seems that we are all taking a step back in time as 1970s fashion is making a comeback. 70s fashion consists of midi skirts, maxi dresses, and frayed jeans as well as accessories such as chokers, headbands, and beads. However, nowadays these 70s clothing items have a modern twist with many famous people choosing to sport them. In this context, it is worth exploring the idea of 1970s fashion and if it is making a comeback.

Firstly, it is important to note that it wasn’t just the fashion pieces that made 1970s fashion so iconic. Instead, it was a blend of aesthetics that molded people’s fashion choices so that people’s personalities could shine through neutral colour palates, earthy tones and bohemian looks. In recent years, people have begun to appreciate how 70s style was revolutionary for the fashion world as it has facilitated the expression of individuality. Nowadays, everyone is trying to recreate looks from the 70s worn by stars such as Debbie Harry, Bianca Jagger and Princess Diana.

One item that was popularized in the 1970s was 70’s flared jeans which has re-emerged in recent years. This clothing item was one of the most popular garments linked with the decade and these days they’re made all the more enjoyable when they feature psychedelic colouring and prints or have been printed with a tie-dye blend. Miniskirts, crop tops and bell sleeve clothing items are also equally as popular as flared jeans and can be found at most clothing stores nowadays meaning that you no longer have to visit exclusive vintage stores to rock the 70s style. Moreover, in the 70s it was common to see a group of people called ‘hippies’ indulging in colourful, elaborate clothing. However, nowadays if you attend an event or go out onto the street you will see people from all social groups wearing loose, flowy skirts, sundresses, and flower patches.

Furthermore, in 2023 it is common to see many influencers and celebrities indulging in 70s fashion such as Taylor Swift. In a bid to promote her latest album ‘Midnights’ the singing sensation has been known to dress herself in velvet bedazzled with stars and sequins as Swift has been spearheading the 70s comeback especially at public events and in her music videos. Another celebrity figure who is popularizing 70s fashion is Harry Styles who rarely wears modern clothing. At the 65th annual grammy awards event he put together a quirky 70s look with a glitzy rainbow coloured jumpsuit that had a plunging neckline. Therefore, as many musical artists take inspiration from songs and artists in the 1970s, they have also chosen to incorporate vintage 70s pieces into their wardrobe to reflect their musical style.

Moreover, 70s fashion has also experienced a resurgence in modern society because of its popularization in films. For example, Rocketman released in 2019 tells the story of musical genius Elton John who was one of the leading style icons in the 1970s. With his sparkly jumpsuits, glitzy costumes and bejeweled glasses, this movie takes viewers back in time and has spurred an interest for many film fans in 70s fashion. Similarly, Daisy Jones and the Six released in 2023 is a television mini-series chronicling the story of a popular band in the 1970s. With the cast sporting suede frilled jackets, bell bottom jumpsuits and paisley dresses, this series certainly urged viewers to try out 70s style.

There are more fashion icons of the 70’s that have not yet been mentioned. Patti Smith was an influential American singer who chose a more menswear inspired style. We see this in today’s fashion as women are more likely to buy menswear and choose suits over dresses. Diana Ross is another style icon, known for her looks in the early 70’s. Her over the top style was eye-catching regardless of what event she was going to. We notice Diana’s style of the 60’s disco feather and sequins attire in today’s concert outfits. Worn to stand out and to match the electric occasion.

Overall, there is no doubt that 1970’s fashion is making a comeback in today’s fashion trends. Although it appeared in the past few years that the world of fashion was veering back towards the 90s and 00s trends, with more celebrities wearing 70s fashion as well as more films and TV series set in the 70s, it seems that people will continue to have more interest in this decade of fashion above any other. If you are interested in these influential series/films, here are a few examples to watch: The 70’s Show, American Hustle, Once upon a time in Hollywood and there are many more to be influenced by.

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